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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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Pallab Basu, Diptarka Das,Archisman Ghosh and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas

Chaos around Holographic Regge Trajectories
MCTP-12-02 John Kearney and Aaron Pierce Neutrinos from Off-Shell Final States and the Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
MCTP-12-03 Sean Tulin, Hai-Bo Yu, Kathryn M. Zurek

Oscillating Asymmetric Dark Matter


Gordon Kane, Ran Lu, Bob Zheng

Discovering Gluino Events at LHC-8 via Disappearing Chargino Tracks
MCTP-12-05 Ibrahima Bah, Christopher Beem, Nikolay Bobev and Brian Wecht

AdS/CFT Dual Pairs from M5-Branes on Riemann Surfaces

MCTP-12-06 Moira Gresham, Ian-Woo Kim, Sean Tulin, Kathryn Zurek Confronting Top AFB with Parity Violation Constraints
MCTP-12-07 Timothy Cohen, David E. Morrissey, Aaron Pierce Electroweak Baryogenesis and Higgs Signatures
MCTP-12-08 Kentaro Hanaki and Cheng Peng Symmetries of Holographic Super-Minimal Models

H. Elvang, D. Z. Freedman, L.-Y. Hung, M. Kiermaier, R. C. Myers, S. Theisen

On renormalization group flows and the a-theorem in 6d
MCTP-12-10 Yu-tin Huang, David McGady and Cheng Peng One-loop renormalization and the S-matrix
MCTP-12-11 Eric Kuflik, Samuel D. McDermott, and Kathryn M. Zurek

Neutrino Phenomenology in a 3+1+1 Framework


James T. Liu and Zhichen Zhao

Holographic Lifshitz flows and the null energy condition
MCTP-12-13 Nikita Blinov, David E. Morrissey, Kris Sigurdson, Sean Tulin Dark Matter Antibaryons from a Supersymmetric Hidden Sector
MCTP-12-14 A. Drukier, K. Freese, D. Spergel, C. Cantor, G. Church, and T. Sano New Dark Matter Detectors using DNA for Nanometer Tracking
MCTP-12-15 K. Freese, M. Lisanti, and C. Svage Annual Modulation of Dark Matter
MCTP-12-16 James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Dori Reichmann Rigid Supersymmetric Backgrounds of Minimal Off-Shell Supergravity
MCTP-12-17 Jack Kearney, Aaron Pierce, and Neal Weiner Vectorlike Leptons and Higgs Couplings
MCTP-12-18 Sean Tulin, Hai-Bo Yu and Kathryn M. Zurek Three Exceptions for Thermal Dark Matter with Enhanced Annihilation to gamma gamma
MCTP-12-19 Sanle Hu, James T. Liu and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Charged Boson Stars in AdS and a Zero Temperature Phase Transition
MCTP-12-20 Henrique P. de Oliveira, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Edoardo L. Rodrigues
A Kolmogorov-Zakharov Spectrum in AdS Gravitational Collapse
MCTP-12-21 Zvi Bern, Scott Davies, Tristan Dennen, and Yu-tin Huang Ultraviolet Cancellations in Half-Maximal Supergravity as a Consequence of the Double-Copy Structure
MCTP-12-22 Yu-tin Huang and Henrik Johansson Equivalent D=3 Supergravity Amplitudes from Double Copies of Three-Algebra and Two-Algebra Gauge Theories
MCTP-12-23 Henriette Elvang and Timothy M. Olson RG flows in d dimensions, the dilaton effective action, and the a-theorem
MCTP-12-24 Yu-tin Huang and Simon Caron-Huot Two-loop amplitudes in ABJM theories and their anomalies
MCTP-12-25 B. Button, S. J. Lee, L. A. Pando Zayas, V. Rodgers1 and K. Stiffler
Holographic k-string Tensions in Higher Representations and Lüscher Term Universality
MCTP-12-26 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Dori Reichmann A String Theory Explanation for Quantum Chaos in the Hadronic Spectrum
MCTP-12-27 Sean Tulin, Hai-Bo Yu and Kathryn M. Zurek Resonant Dark Forces and Small Scale Structure
MCTP-12-28 W. Altmannshofer, M. Carena, N. R. Shah and F. Yu Indirect Probes of the MSSM after the Higgs Discovery
MCTP-12-29 M. Carena, S. Gori, I. Low, N. R. Shah and C. E. M. Wagner Vacuum Stability and Diphoton Decays of a MSSM Higgs Boson
MCTP-12-30 Gordon Kane, Ran Lu, and Bob Zheng Review and Update of the Compactified M/string Theory Prediction of the Higgs Boson Mass and Properties
MCTP-12-31 Cheng Peng Dualities from higher-spin supergravity
MCTP-12-32 Inspecting the Higgs for New Weakly Interacting Particles Clifford Cheung, Samuel D. McDermott, Kathryn M. Zurek

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