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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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Preprint Number Author(s) Title
MCTP-13-01 Inspecting the Higgs for New Weakly Interacting Particles Clifford Cheung, Samuel D. McDermott, Kathryn M. Zurek
MCTP-13-02 Sean Tulin, Hai-Bo Yu, Kathryn M. Zurek Beyond Collisionless Dark Matter: Particle Physics Dynamics for Dark
Matter Halo Structure
MCTP-13-03 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Cheng Peng Toward a Higher Spin Holographic Dual of Interacting Field Theories
MCTP-13-04 Abhishek Kumar and Sean Tulin Top-flavored dark matter and the forward-backward asymmetry
MCTP-13-05 Aaron Pierce Implications of the Higgs Boson and the LHC for the MSSM
MCTP-13-06 Zvi Bern, Scott Davies, Tristan Dennen, Josh Nole and Yu-tin Huang
Color-Kinematics Duality for pure Yang-Mills and Gravity at One and Two loops
MCTP-13-07 Marcela Carenaa, Stefania Gorib, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E. M. Wagner and Lian-Tao Wang Phenomenological Properties of the Light Stau Scenario
MCTP-13-08 Arash A. Ardehali, James T. Liu and Phillip Szepietowski The spectrum of IIB supergravity on AdS_5 x S^5/Z_3 and a 1/N^2 test of AdS/CFT
MCTP-13-09 James T. Liu and Ruben Minasian Higher-derivative couplings in string theory: dualities and the B-field
MCTP-13-10 Geraldine Servant and Sean Tulin Higgsogenesis
MCTP-13-11 John Kearney, Aaron Pierce and Jesse Thaler Top Partner Probes of Extended Higgs Sectors
MCTP-13-12 Ibrahima Bah TBA
MCTP-13-13 Yu-tin Huang, Henrik Johansson,  Joonho Kim, Sangmin Lee On the structure of amplitudes in bi-fundamental matter theories
MCTP-13-14 Chris Kelso, Pearl Sandick & Christopher Savage Lowering the Threshold in the DAMA Dark Matter Search
MCTP-13-15 Gino Knodel and James T. Liu Higher derivative corrections to Lifshitz backgrounds
MCTP-13-16 Gabriel Wong, Israel Klich, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Diana Vaman Entanglement Temperature and Entanglement Entropy of Excited States
MCTP-13-17 John Kearney, Aaron Pierce and Jesse Thaler Exotic Top Partners and Little Higgs
MCTP-13-18 Martin B Einhorn and José Wudka The Bases of Effective Field Theories
MCTP-13-19 Timothy Cohen, Mariangela Lisanti, Aaron Pierce, and Tracy R. Slatyer Wino Dark Matter Under Siege
MCTP-13-20 Yu-tin Huang, and David McGady Consistency conditions from Generalized Unitarity
MCTP-13-21 Henriette Elvang and Yu-tin Huang Scattering Amplitudes
MCTP-13-22 Daniel Arean, Arya Farahi, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Ignacio Salazar Landea, Antonello Scardicchio
A Dirty Holographic Superconductor
MCTP-13-23 Martin B Einhorn and José Wudka Higgs-Boson Couplings Beyond the Standard Model
MCTP-13-24 Cynthia Keeler, Gino Knodel and James T. Liu What do non-relativistic CFTs tell us about Lifshitz spacetimes?
MCTP-13-25 Benjamin Burrington, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Nicholas Rombes On Resolutions of Cosmological Singularities in Higher-Spin Gravity
MCTP-13-26 John Kearney and Aaron Pierce Dark Sector Mass Relations from RG Focusing
MCTP-13-27 Rouven Essig, Eric Kuflik, Samuel McDermott, Tomer Volansky, Kathryn Zurek Constraining Light Dark Matter with Diffuse X-Ray and Gamma Ray Observations
MCTP-13-28 Arash Arabi Ardehali, James T. Liu, and Phillip Szepietowski 1/N^2 corrections to the holographic Weyl anomaly
MCTP-13-29 Ian-Woo Kim, Kathryn M. Zurek Flavor and Collider Signatures of Asymmetric Dark Matter
MCTP-13-30 Aaron Pierce, Nausheen Shah, Katherine Freese Neutralino Dark Matter with Light Staus
MCTP-13-31 Marcela Carena, Ian Low, Nausheen R. Shah, and Carlos E. M. Wagner A Standard Model-like Higgs Boson with a Non-Standard Higgs Sector
MCTP-13-32 Marco Farina, Maxim Perelstein, Bibhushan Shakya Higgs Couplings and Naturalness in lambda-SUSY
MCTP-13-33 Manoj Kaplinghat, Sean Tulin, and Hai-Bo Yu Direct Detection Portals for Self-interacting Dark Matter
MCTP-13-34 Dimitrios Giataganas, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Kostas Zoubos  On Marginal Deformations and Non-Integrability
MCTP-13-35 James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Zhenbin Yang Small Treatise on Spin-3/2 Fields and their Dual Spectral Functions
MCTP-13-36 Nikolay Bobev, Henriette Elvang, Daniel Z. Freedman, and Silviu S. Pufu Holography for N=2* on S^4
MCTP-13-37 Henriette Elvang and Gary T. Horowitz Quantum gravity via supersymmetry and holography
MCTP-13-38 Moira Gresham, Kathryn M. Zurek Light Dark Matter Anomalies After LUX
MCTP-13-39 Arash Arabi Ardehali, James T. Liu and Phillip Szepietowski The shortened KK spectrum of IIB supergravity on Y^{p,q}
MCTP-13-40 Ilias Cholis, Dan Hooper, and Samuel D. McDermott Dissecting the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background in Search of Dark Matter
MCTP-13-41 Leandro G. Almeida, Seung J. Lee, Stefan Pokorski, James D. Wells Study of the Standard Model Higgs Boson Partial Widths and Branching Fractions
MCTP-13-42 Linda Carpenter, Anthony DiFranzo, Michael Mulhearn, Chase Shimmin, Sean Tulin, and Daniel Whiteson  Mono-Higgs: a new collider probe of dark matter
MCTP-13-43 Nikolay Bobev, Henriette Elvang, and Timothy M. Olson Dilaton Effective Action with N=1 Supersymmetry

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