In conjunction with the 2001: A Spacetime Odyssey conference, the MCTP and the School of Art and Design have commissioned a set of creative works related to the scope of activities of the new center. These works are collaboratively developed by members of both the Physics Department and the School of Art and Design, and signify the often deep interrelations between science and the arts.

For scientists contemplating and visualizing the beginnings and ends of the universe, the composition of matter, and the shape of extra dimensions, among other things, it is only natural to see art as an extension of such ideas. This opportunity has led to a wonderful fusion of both artistry and rigor, as may be evidenced by the resulting works.

For this exhibit, each collaboration interpreted the notion of spacetime art differently. Nevertheless, a key component of the project is to fuse together scientific and artistic concepts into more than simply a disjoint set of ideas. Thus the ideas of physics and mathematics are often incorporated into the very nature of the resulting art works. Perhaps insights into scientific thought and artistic expression will increasingly flow in both ways, with physicists helping artists with new media and new avenues of expression, and artists helping physicists with ways to see or to communicate their scientific work.

The Spacetime Art

Title Collaborators
  In and Out   Jens Zorn    
    Untitled   Larry Cressman  
  Creation/Annihilation   Robin Wilt, Ellen Wilt and Jeffrey Rausch    
    Tiamat v. Marduk   Leslie Raymond, Jason Jay Stevens and Tim Chupp  
  Two Possibilities   Leslie Raymond, Jason Jay Stevens and Tim Chupp    
    SLAC Images   Lauren Haber  
  Halloween Event   Sherri Smith and Dante Amidei    
    Working Drawing for the Weaving
Halloween Event
  Sherri Smith  
  Strange Particles   Sherri Smith and Gordon Kane    
    Translation May Be Relative
but Rotation is Absolute
  Jens Zorn  
  Untitled   Michael Rodemer and Tim McKay    
    Strange Particles   Sherri Smith and Gordon Kane  
  Private Cosmologies   Dennis Miller and Gus Evrard    
    Particle Paradise or Lilith Looking
for a Particle of Another Charge
  Patricia Olynyk and Dante Amidei  
  What's the Matter?   Jan-Henrik Andersen and Phil Bucksbaum    

Final Thoughts

While, the art works were only on display during the week of the conference (Monday, May 21 through Friday, May 25), this brief exhibit is just the beginning of a larger project. Most of the participants hope to continue into the future, and plans are underway to show the pieces again in a more public setting.

The MCTP and the conference organizers would like to thank the following people for developing this collaboration and nurturing it to fruition:

Bryan Rogers, Dean, School of Art and Design
Sherri Smith, Professor of Art
Gordon Kane, Professor of Physics
Lois Kane