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Spin Physics Symposium

November 14, 2009


A one-day symposium in Spin Physics to honor the career and accomplishments of our friend and colleague Alan Krisch will be held on Saturday, 14-November 2009, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the lecture auditorium, 340 West Hall. This symposium will bring together experimenters and theorists with an interest in all aspects of spin physics, spanning proton structure, proton spin physics, accelerator physics, polarized targets and polarimetry. Tremendous progress has been made over the past four decades with understanding the internal structure of the proton due to major technological advances in accelerator physics and polarized target design. We are planning a program of 30 minute physics/professional talks.  The morning sessions will focus on Alan Krisch’s many contributions to spin physics over the past four decades, and the afternoon sessions will address current issues and future prospects in spin physics. A dinner will be held on Saturday evening, 14-November. There will be no registration fee and no formal written proceedings.

Local Organizing

Wolfgang Lorenzon
(Committee Chair
University of Michigan
Homer Neal
University of Michigan
Aaron Pierce
University of Michigan
Ctirad Uher
University of Michigan
Victor Wong
University of Michigan
Dennis Sivers
Portland Physics Institute

Meeting Address:
  University of Michigan,
  Central Campus
  340 West Hall,
  1085 S. University Ave
  Ann Arbor MI 48109




Sponsored by the University of Michigan Physics Department, MCTP and the Portland Physics Institute


Organizing Secretary:
Nicolle Wahla
University of Michigan
450 Church St.
Ann Arbor MI