Light Dark Matter: Asymmetric, thermal and non-thermal dark matter and its detection

April 15-17, 2013

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Workshop Program

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Monday, April 17, 2013
9:00-9:30am Alvaro Chavarria (KICP)
"Status of DAMIC at SNOLAB"
9:30-10:00am Enectali Figueroa (MIT)
"Dark Matter Search Results from the Silicon Detectors of
the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment"
10:00-10:30am Jeter Hall (PNNL)
"Light Dark Matter Searches with SuperCDMS and COUPP"
11:15-11:45am Yuhsin Tsai (Davis)
"Warm DM and Composite Neutrinos"
11:45-12:15pm Haipeng An (Perimeter)
"Dark photon: stellar constraints and direct detection"
2:00-2:30pm Dan Hooper (FNAL)
"Gamma rays from dark matter annihilations in the Galactic
Center and in the Inner Galaxy"
2:30-3:00pm Graciela Gelmini (UCLA)
"Halo Independent Analysis of direct DM detection data"
3:45-4:15pm Josef Pradler (JHU)
"Skirmishes on the LDM frontier: territorial disputes
over the low-recoil region"
4:15-4:45pm Chris Savage (Utah)
"Lowering the threshold in DAMA"
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
9:00-9:30am Paolo Gondolo
9:30-10:00am Dan McKinsey (Yale)
"Light Dark Matter Detection with Liquid Helium"
10:00-10:30am Juan Collar (Chicago)
"A Few Ruminations"
11:15-11:45am Antonio Melgarejo (Columbia)
"Dark Matter search with the XENON100 Experiment"
11:45-12:15pm Wolfgang Lorenzon (Michigan)
"PandaX - Status and Plans"
2:00-2:30pm Louis Strigari (Stanford)
"Do we need alternatives to cold dark matter?"
2:30-3:00pm Andrzej Drukier (Bitraces)
3:45-4:15pm Jeremy Mardon (Stanford)
"Direct Detection of sub-GeV Dark Matter"
4:15-4:45pm Roni Harnik (FNAL)
"nu Signals in DM Direct Detection"
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
9:00-9:30am Peter Sorensen (LLNL)
"Getting through the awkward phase:
keV nuclear recoil energy reconstruction in liquid xenon particle detectors grows up"
9:30-10:00am Jason Kumar (Hawaii)
"Complementary Approaches to Dark Matter Searches"
10:00-10:30am David Morrissey (TRIUMF)
"Light Dark Matter from Hidden Antibaryons"
11:15-11:45am Patrick Fox (FNAL)
11:45-12:15pm Tongyan Lin (Chicago)
"Probing dark matter couplings to top and bottom at the LHC"
2:00-2:30pm Cristoph Weniger (Amsterdam)
"Smoking gun or damp squib? Gamma-ray line(s) in
the Fermi LAT data"
2:30-3:00pm Timothy Cohen (SLAC)
"Here be Dragons: The Unexplored Continents of the



Workshop Organizers:
Aaron Pierce

Gordon Kane

Katherine Freese

Kathryn Zurek

Sean Tulin

Hai-Bo Yu

Workshop Secretary:
Angela Milliken
University of Michigan
450 Church Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1040
[P] 734-763-9698
[F] 734-763-2213