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Adams Fred Physics Astrophysics Theory fca@umich.edu
Akerlof, Carl Physics Astrophysics Experiment akerlof@umich.edu
Akhoury, Ratindranath Physics Elementary Particle Theory akhoury@umich.edu
Allen, Jim  Physics Condensed Matter Experiment, Applied Physics & CSCS jwallen@umich.edu
Allison, John E. Materials Science and Engineering   johnea@umich.edu
Amirdjanova, Anna  Statistics   anutka@umich.edu
Belot, Gordon Philosophy   belot@umich.edu
Berke, Joshua  Psychology   jdberke@umich.edu
Berman, Paul Physics Atomic, Molecular &
Optical Theory
Bloch, Anthony Mathematics   abloch@umich.edu
Boukai, Akram Materials Science and Engineering   boukai@umich.edu
Bregman, Joel Astronomy   jbregman@umich.edu
Burns, Dan Mathematics Bioinformatics Program Director dburns@umich.edu
Campbell, Myron Physics Elementary Particle Experiment myron@umich.edu
Chapman, Jay Physics Emeritus umjwc@umich.edu
Chupp, Timothy Physics Biomedical Engineering & Precision Measurements in Atomic, Nuclear
& Particle Physics
Deng, Hui Physics
Doering, Charles Ctr for the Study of Complex Systems Math and Physics doering@umich.edu
Dolgachev, Igor Mathematics   idolga@umich.edu
Duan, Luming Physics Theoretical Atomic, Molecular & Optical lmduan@umich.edu
Duff, Michael Physics Emeritus, Former MCTP Director m.duff@imperial.ac.uk
Dunietz, Barry  Chemistry   bdunietz@umich.edu
Einhorn, Martin Physics Emeritus meinhorn@umich.edu
Elvang, Henriette Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics elvang@umich.edu
Evrard, Gus Physics Astrophysics Theory and
Federbush, Paul Mathematics Emeritus pfed@umich.edu
Fornaess, John Mathematics   fornaess@umich.edu
Freese, Katie Physics Cosmology ktfreese@umich.edu
Garikipati, Krishna Mechanical Engineering   krishna@engin.umich.edu
Gavini, Vikram Mechanical Engineering   vikramg@umich.edu
Gerdes, David Physics Elementary Particle Experiment gerdes@umich.edu
Geva, Eitan Chemistry   eitan@umich.edu
Glotzer, Sharon Chemical Engineering Materials Science & Engineering, Macromolecular Science & Engineering, Applied Physics & Physics sglotzer@umich.edu
Gnedin, Oleg  Astronomy   ognedin@umich.edu
Hecht, Karl Physics Emeritus khecht@umich.edu
Hughes, Philip Astronomy Emeritus phughes@umich.edu
Huterer, Dragan Physics Cosmology huterer@umich.edu
Jackson, Trachette Mathematics   tjacks@umich.edu
Johnsen, Eric Mechanical Engineering   ejohnsen@umich.edu
Kane, Gordon Physics Elementary Particle Theory and MCTP Director gkane@umich.edu
Kieffer, John Materials Science and Engineering   kieffer@umich.edu
Krasny, Robert Mathematics   krasny@umich.edu
Krimm, Samuel Physics Emeritus Biophysics, Macromolecular Science & Engineering skrimm@umich.edu
Krisch, Jean Physics General Relativity jkrisch@umich.edu
Kriz, Igor Mathematics   ikriz@umich.edu
Larsen, Finn Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics larsenf@umich.edu
Larson, Ronald Engineering Theoretical Polymer Physics, Biophysics, and Membrane Physics rlarson@umich.edu
Lewis, Robert Physics Emeritus boblewis@torchlake.com
Linic, Suljo Chemical Engineering   linic@umich.edu
Liu, James Physics High Energy Theory jimliu@umich.edu
Lorenzon, Wolfgang Physics Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics Experiments lorenzon@umich.edu
Lu, Wei Mechanical Engineering   weilu@umich.edu
Lubensky, David Physics Biophysics and Statistical dkluben@umich.edu
Mao, Xiaoming Physics Soft Matter Theory, Materials Physics, Statistical Physics maox@umich.edu
McKay, Timothy Physics Astrophysics Experiment tamckay@umich.edu
Millunchick, Joanna  Materials Science and Engineering   joannamm@umich.edu
Neal, Homer Physics Elementary Particle Experiment
and ATLAS Project Director
Newman, Mark Physics Statistical Physics mejn@umich.edu
Nori, Franco Physics Condensed Matter Theory,
Quantum Computing, Dynamics of Complex Systems
Oey, Sally  Astronomy   msoey@umich.edu
Orosz, Gabor Mechanical Engineering   orosz@umich.edu
Ovshinsky, Stanford R. Ovshinsky Innovation LLC Physics Honorary Degree sovshinsky@ovshinsky
Pando Zayas, Leopoldo Physics String Theory Physics lpandoz@umich.edu
Pierce, Aaron Physics Theoretical Particle Physics atpierce@umich.edu 
Raithel, Georg Physics Atomic, Molecular and Optical Experiment graithel@umich.edu
Richstone, Doug Astronomy Department Chair dor@umich.edu
Riles, Keith Physics General Relativity and
Roe, Byron Physics Emeritus byronroe@umich.edu
Rosenberg, Noah Human Genetics,  Biostatistics and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology rnoah@umich.edu
Ruetsche, Laura Philosophy   ruetsche@umich.edu
Ruszkowski, Mateusz Astronomy   mateuszr@umich.edu
Sander, Leonard Physics Condensed Matter Theory lsander@umich.edu
Savit, Robert Physics Theoretical Physics and Complex Systems  savit@umich.edu
Scheeres, Daniel Aerospace Engineering   scheeres@umich.edu
Sept, David Biomedical Engineering Computational Biophysics dsept@umich.edu
Siegel, Don Mechanical Engineering   djsiege@umich.edu
Sih, Vanessa Physics Condensed Matter Experiment vsih@umich.edu
Simon, Carl Public Policy Ctr for the Study of Complex Systems, Economics,Mathematics & School of Public Policy Director cpsimon@umich.edu
Smereka, Peter Mathematics   psmereka@umich.edu
Smoller, Joel Mathematics   smoller@umich.edu
Spatzier, Ralf Mathematics   spatzier@umich.edu
Sun, Kai Physics   sunkai@umich.edu
Tarle, Greg Physics Particle Astrophysics Experiment gtarle@umich.edu
Thornton, Katsuyo Materials Science and Engineering   kthorn@umich.edu
Tomozawa, Yukio Physics Emeritus tomozawa@umich.edu
Uribe, Alejandro  Mathematics    uribe@umich.edu
Van der Ven, Anton Materials Science and Engineering   avdv@umich.edu
van Keken, Peter  Geological Sciences   keken@umich.edu
Vandermeer, John Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Natural Resources & Environment jvander@umich.edu
Veltman, Martinus Physics Emeritus, Nobel Laureate veltman@umich.edu
Violi, Angela Mechanical Engineering Multiscale Simulations of Reactive Systems avioli@umich.edu
Volonteri, Marta Astronomy   martav@umich.edu
Wells, James Physics Elementary Particle Physics jwells@umich.edu
Williams, David Physics Emeritus Elementary Particle Theory Physics williams@umich.edu
Wilson, Jessica Philosophy   jwils@umich.edu
Winful, Herbert Computer Science Engineering arrays@umich.edu
Woolf, Peter  Chemical Engineering Biomedical Engineering pwoolf@umich.edu
Wu, Alfred Physics Emeritus actwu@umich.edu
Yao, York-Peng (Edward) Physics Emeritus yyao@umich.edu
Ziff, Robert Chemical Engineering   rziff@umich.edu
Zochowski, Michal Physics Biophysics Program michalz@umich.edu
Zurek, Kathryn Physics High Energy Theory kzurek@umich.edu

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