Mini Colloquiums
Fridays 1:00 pm -2:00 pm
335 West Hall, University of Michigan

01/08 Dragan Huterer “Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe.”

01/15 Keith Riles "To Catch a Wave - The Hunt for Gravitational Radiation with LIGO"

01/22 Wolfgang Lorenzon “Subatomic Physics.”

01/29 Tim Mckay “Learning about the Universe w/ galaxy clusters, and teaching it too”

02/05 Bing Zhou “ATLAS at LHC – the Physics potential with early data”

02/12 Roy Clarke "Materials Physics: Using Extreme Light"

02/19 Ctirad Uher "Novel Thermoelectric Materials"

02/26 Luming Duan "A brief overview of quantum information science"

03/12 David Lubensky "From photosynthetic bacteria to flies' eyes: Modeling biochemical and genetic networks"

03/19 Roseanne Sension  "The Interaction of Light with Matter - Using Sculpted Pulses to Probe and Control Molecular Systems"

03/26 Tim Chupp “Probing Particle Physics with Atoms and Lasers”

04/02 Jianming Qian "Higgs and dark matter - how we are going after them"

04/09 David Gerdes "Exploring the Accelerating Universe with the Dark
Energy Survey"

04/16 Chris Meiners “Mechanics of short DNA Fragments”



Contact: Ratindranath Akhoury