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To our graduate student colleagues:

Have you ever thought anthropologically about graduate school? About the academic world? We invite you to turn a professional eye on your own departments and universities, and submit essays to a project on graduate socialization in anthropology. We hope to scrutinize the contradictions and contortions of graduate student life, everything from the classroom to the bar, from formal talk to personal experience, from schoolwork to life off campus. We're interested in processes of professional socialization and discipline, of social belonging and exclusion, economic hardship and reward, resistance and struggle - in short, in the whole academic system. And we hope to stir up discussion about how things could be changed for the better.

We'll consider long analyses or short reflections, in any style you like. We plan to print a set of 800-1100 word essays in the AAA's newsletter, Anthropology News, and a set of longer essays in a student-edited journal, Michigan Discussions in Anthropology. If you're interested, please submit a 250-word abstract by July 1st; if accepted, the final deadline for essays will be September 30th. Send your abstracts to or We'd be happy to answer any questions.

best wishes,
Eli Thorkelson (University of Chicago)
Saul Mercado (University of California-Berkeley)

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