About Us: What We Do

What We Do

We help faculty and staff address and resolve workplace problems by providing confidential consultation and mediation services.

If you receive a paycheck from the University of Michigan and have a concern related to your work here, we will help you find appropriate

  • answers
  • resources
  • resolution

Our services are

  • completely confidential
  • available to faculty and staff
  • provided by professionally trained and experienced mediators
  • free of charge

Here are some of the ways we preserve confidentiality:

  • We keep NO name-linked records.
  • YOU decide whether others will be contacted about your situation.
  • The only time we will contact others without your permission is if we learn that someone might be in physical danger, experiencing illegal harassment, or engaging in serious criminal activity.  Even then,
    • we will make every effort to discuss this with you before taking action.
    • we will do everything we can to protect your privacy.
  • Consultations and mediations are held in locations that preserve privacy.
  • Mediation discussions are confidential unless all parties agree otherwise.

We serve

  • all faculty
  • all staff, including
    • temporary staff
    • undergraduate and graduate student staff
    • bargained-for staff, except that we cannot mediate issues covered by contract
    • University Health System employees will be referred to Fernando Caetano 734-936-2468, jcaetano@med.umich.edu.