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What Is Floorball

>> A fast-paced sport that places emphasis on speed, skill and technique as opposed to physical aggression; fun and easy for beginners to pick up, also offers advanced players room to develop ball handling, passing and shooting skills <<

GAME: Indoor team sport played using sticks with an extended plastic blade

AIM: Shoot a light plastic ball into the opponent's goal

TEAM: Five field players with one goalie per side


Where It Is Played

Floorball is played on a court that is 40 x 20 meters. A 50 cm high rink surrounds the court. The goal size is 1.15 x 1.60 meters. Surrounding the goal is a goal area of 5 x 4 meters where only the goalie can be inside. Players from both teams are not allowed to enter this goal area.

Rules Of The Game:

1. The game is played with 3 to 5 field players and a goalie depending on the court size.
2. The goal size is 115cm by 160cm and in front of it is a crease (2.5m by 1m) where only the goalie can be although the ball may be played from there by a field player with a stick.
3. The goalie area is 4m by 5m and this is the area the goalie may play normally.
4. The goalie must not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and when throwing the ball, it must hit the floor before passing the centre line.
5. If the ball goes out of the rink the other team can continue play 1 metre away from the spot the ball went out. If the ball goes out from the end the other team continues from the corner spot.
6. When given a free hit the opponent must be at least 3 metres away from the ball including sticks.
7. The ball may be kicked, but not more than once and not to a team mate.
8. The ball must not be played with the hands or head.
9. The ball may be played from the air if it is below knee level.
10. No form of pushing or physically tackling the body is not allowed.
11. Players may not play without a stick.
12. You are not allowed to jump and play ball at the same time.
13. The ball may not be played if a hand or both knees are on the ground (one knee is allowed).
14. Free shot or 2 minute penalty is given when:
- high sticking, hitting the opponents stick, playing ball with hand or head, tackling, pushing, obstructing, throwing the stick, wrong distance in free shot
- a penalty shot is given if the foul is commited when the other player is trying to score from close to the goal

Official Rules (Full Version) from International Floorball Federation: Rules of the Game Edition 2006

Who Are We:

We are a group of U of M students who started this floorball club 2 years ago. We are currently trying to promote floorball within the University as a recreational club sport which everyone would be able to enjoy.

Where Do We Play:

We play at the Sports Coliseum on South Campus.

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