Test Plane


No Competition

M-Fly designed a biplane following the requirements of the 2008 SAE Aero Design Competition, specifically the constraint of having the sum of all dimensions to be no greater than 175. The main factor that contributed to the decision to pursue a biplane design was the lack of feasibility of a monoplane design. The assumptions made earlier dictated that a monoplane design would result in having a low aspect ratio wing (AR less than 6). A biplane design would provide two wings that had more favorable aspect ratios, albeit with added drag and weight penalties. However, since the main objective of the design was to lift the heaviest possible payload and not to travel for high speeds or long distances, the disadvantages of the biplane design were not seen as highly disadvantageous. The 2008 plane was never entered in the competition, however it did allow the newly-formed M-Fly team a chance to discover how to design, build, and fly large scale remote controlled airplanes that are used in the competition.