Oral Presentation Winner

10th Place Overall


SAE West (California)

In March 2010, M-Fly team members took their plane, the M-2, to competition at the SAE Aero Design West in Van Nuys, California. The first day of competition consisted of finalizing the plane for technical inspection, an oral presentation of the plane design, and a mass team meeting. Here M-Fly learned that the team had placed third in the written portion of the competition and first in the oral presentation for the regular class teams. Heading into the second day for the flight competition, the M-Fly team was in first place overall.

The first attempts at flying the M-2 were unsuccessful. The team was able to get the plane off the ground with 20.1 pounds of payload, but because of unexpected tip stall, the plane crashed into the ground. Team members spent the second night of competition repairing the broken section of the wing and coming up with a solution to prevent tip stall of the plane before the third day of the competition.

The team had better success on the third day of competition. With the ailerons deflected to prevent tip stall, the M-2 successfully lifted 11.4 pounds of payload in the first round. In the second round, the plane once again lifted 20.1 pounds of payload, but the plane took off on the runway about three feet after the designated runway length, disqualifying the flight. However, the team was excited to finish in tenth place overall at the competition, which was an improvement from the 2009 SAE Aero Design East Competition where the M-Fly team placed twenty-ninth overall.