The University of Michigan Aero Design Team

News Update:

Check out our Blog, Twitter (@UofM_MFly), and Facebook (M-Fly) for updates about the competition.


About M-Fly

M-Fly is a Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Design team at the University of Michigan dedicated to promoting opportunities for students to practice applying their knowledge to aerospace projects outside the classroom. 

“The SAE Aero Design ® Competition challenges engineering students to design, fabricate, and test a radio controlled aircraft that can take off and land while carrying the maximum cargo. This gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom on a practical real world problem.”  -SAE Aero Design


General Team meetings are held weekly in the FXB to discuss the current progress of the projects. Additional meetings are held for individual engineering sub-teams throughout the week. Building sessions take place in the Wilson Student Team Project Center periodically throughout the year, and any member may attend to help build the aircraft. 

Students of all majors and standing are welcome to join M-Fly. Anyone interested in remote controlled aircraft is encouraged to attend our weekly meetings and become an active member of the team.