Meet the Team

2017-2018 Executive Board

Team Captain Beldon Lin

Beldon is a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He left the sunny and warm state of Georgia for the cold and dark Michigan because he wanted to build blimps his freshman year. He served as the Chief Engineer for the Advanced Class aircraft last year and has decided to stick around to oversee not only both of the SAE aircraft design cycles, but also the new AUVSI team. In 2017, Beldon interned at Lockheed Martin. His spare time is spent swimming, watching baseball, tinkering with electronics, and reading.

Operations Director Dennis Park

Dennis is a senior from Potomac Falls, Virginia, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. This is his third year on M-Fly, having served as the Advanced Class Aerodynamics Lead last year for the MX-3. His favorite memory of M-Fly is designing the MX-3 and seeing it fly successfully. In his free time, Dennis enjoys watching hockey (Go Caps!), cooking, and playing guitar.

Advanced Class Chief Engineer Nick Applegate

Nick is a junior from Crown Point, Indiana studying Aerospace Engineering. This is his third year on the team and first as a lead and Chief Engineer. He enjoys the process of aircraft design and loves seeing subteams optimize a conceptual design, with the construction and flight of the plane being the most enjoyable part of the process. This summer he is interning at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in San Diego, California. In his free time, Nick enjoys playing guitar, reading, working out, and fishing.

Regular Class Chief Engineer Rosalind Duma

Rosalind is a senior studying Aerospace Engineering from Howell, Michigan. This will be her third year on the team and first time as a Chief Engineer. During her second year, she was the structures lead for the Regular Class aircraft, working on CAD and teaching others the software as well. Rosalind enjoys seeing a project come together after months of hard work and is looking forward to manage the design, build, test process of the M-10. This summer she is interning at Orbital ATK as a part of its Flight Systems Group. In her free time, Rosalind likes photography, working out, kayaking, and traveling.

AUVSI Chief Engineer Matthew Sheehan

Matt is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science from Fair Haven, New Jersey. This is his second year on M-Fly, and his first year as chief engineer. Matt really enjoys mechatronic and robotic systems, with both mechanical design and software development being interests. Matt is very excited to lead a brand new plane and create a successful foundation for years to come. Matt will be interning in New York, NY as a data analytics and software development intern at TransAtlantic ReInsurance. In addition to being part of M-Fly, Matt is part of the Michigan Ballroom Dance Team and loves to dance in his free time. In addition, Matt enjoys playing and watching soccer, spending time outdoors, reading and cooking.

Advanced Class Manufacturing Manager Kelsey Hite

Kelsey is a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering from Temperance, Michigan. Last year she worked mainly with the construction of the M-Fly planes, as well as with the Propulsions subteam, so she is excited to be a Manufacturing Lead this year. In addition to being with M-Fly, Kelsey enjoys mentoring a high school FIRST robotics team, participating with SWE, and working as a Research Assistant. During her free time, she also loves playing instruments and building independent projects.

Regular Class Manufacturing Manager Tim Situ

Tim is a junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan studying Mechanical Engineering. This is his second year on the team, as he spent much of his first year on the structures sub-team, as well as the Wilson Center during the build season, taking part in building both planes. He enjoys seeing the various components of the planes come together through all our hard work, as well as the supportive team dynamic of M-Fly. In his free time, Tim likes to play tennis, frisbee, ping pong, and guitar; it would be rare to see Tim without a frisbee on him during the Spring, Summer, and whenever there is nice weather.

2017-2018 Leadership Board

Advanced Class Aerodynamics Lead Dennis Park

Dennis is a junior from Potomac Falls, Virginia, majoring in aerospace engineering. This is his second year on M-Fly, having been on the aerodynamics subteam for the advanced class plane last year. His favorite thing about M-Fly is seeing the team work together to design and build a plane that can actually fly. In his free time, Dennis enjoys watching hockey, being outside, and playing guitar.

Regular Class Aerodynamics Lead Walter Kelso

Walter is a junior from Howell, New Jersey majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. This is his second year on the Aerodynamics subteam. As the Aerodynamics Lead, he is excited to develop rough ideas into a feasible design for the plane, as well as improve on last year’s design. In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball with friends, reading and going to Michigan hockey and football games.

Advanced Class Primary Structures Lead Diego Toral

Diego is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering focused on structures and systems integration. Born and raised in Michigan and living in Brazil for a short time, this is his second year on M-Fly. Last year he worked heavily on the construction and design of the advanced class aircraft and over the summer he worked on evaluating different structural designs. His hobbies include building and playing with legos and cooking. He enjoys working with other team members and teaching CAD to new members.

Regular Class Structures Lead Tony Li

Tony is a junior double majoring in aerospace engineering and industrial and operations engineering. He is from Calgary, a beautiful Canadian city just an hour east of the Rocky Mountains. Tony has been a member of M-Fly since his freshman year, and has been an active contributor to the structures team ever since. Fascinated by the structural design of planes, he is enrolled in multiple graduate level structures courses. Like a typical Canadian, Tony enjoys snowboarding and ice hockey. During the summer, he also likes to jog, cook food and iron shirts.

Advanced Class Structures Integration Lead Adam Wasserman

Adam is a sophomore from University Park, Maryland. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. This is his second year on the team and first as a lead. He is looking forward to designing alongside new members as they learn and hopes to learn a lot from the experience himself. Long term, Adam wants to work at the National Transportation Safety Board as an air accident investigator. In his free time, Adam enjoys throwing around a baseball or frisbee, skipping stones, watching the Sopranos, and traveling. He's been to Spain and Greece.

AUVSI Airframe Lead Travis Millar

Travis is a junior majoring in aerospace engineering from Dexter, Michigan. This is his third year on the team, and he spent his first two years in the Sensors and Systems and Propulsion and Controls subteams. He enjoys messing around with anything mechanical and/or electrical, and is excited to help make an awesome drone with M-Fly’s AUVSI division. Travis plays alto sax in the Michigan Marching Band, and also likes to play piano and produce electronic music.

Advanced Class Propulsion Lead Philip Wdowiak

Philip is a sophomore from Chicago, IL studying Aerospace Engineering. This is his second year on the team and first as Advanced Propulsion Lead. He spent a lot of last year in the Wilson Center working on the engine and building both planes. Philip is excited to teach new members about the engine and working on thrust measurement projects. In his free time, Philip likes running, listening to music, drawing, and film photography.

Regular Class Propulsion & Controls Lead Paige Wallery

Paige is from Eleva, Wisconsin, and is currently in her junior year studying Chemistry. This is her third year on the team and first year as the Regular Class Propulsion and Controls Lead. Her favorite parts about M-Fly are being able to meet interesting people and experimenting with new designs. In addition to M-Fly, Paige is an active member of the Michigan Rifle Team. On the rare chance that she finds some free time, Paige also enjoys flying real airplanes, reading, growing cacti, and riding her horse, Magic.

Avionics and Controls Lead Matthew Liu

Matthew Liu is a Senior pursuing a major in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and has lived in Michigan for 16 years. He is currently on his second year with M-Fly and his first as the Avionics lead. His favorite aspect of M-Fly is the team collaboration towards the shared goal of designing, building, and flying an aircraft.

Payload Integration Lead in Software Justin Fu

Justin is junior from South Brunswick, New Jersey studying Computer Engineering. This is his second year participating in M-Fly and he will act as the Payload Integration Lead in Software. In the past he has worked on the first iteration of the ground software for the MFly advanced class planes as well as software projects including a Deep Space Network scheduling script for the Solar Probe Plus. In his spare time he enjoys working on side projects in software design, digital design, and hardware/software integration. Justin is looking forward in taking part in the founding of M-Fly's new autonomous branch and is excited to see this division grow in the following years.

Payload Integration Lead in Hardware Mikayla Kurkjian

Mikayla is a freshman studying Electrical Engineering from Round Rock, Texas. This is her first year on the team, and she is excited to serve as team lead for the AUVSI Hardware subteam. She hopes to create a strong foundation for future M-Fly members and is eager to watch the team's autonomous branch grow. Mikayla is part of the Living Arts residential community and loves to play piano and cook in her free time.

AUVSI Business Manager Harsh Jhaveri

Harsh is a sophomore from Munster, Indiana studying Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. This is his first year on the team and his first year as Business Manager. He is fascinated by unmanned aerial vehicles, and he has a special interest in hardware and software integration and optimization. He is excited to be a part of the founding team for the AUVSI plane and hopes to see it grow tremendously during his time with M-Fly. In his free time, Harsh enjoys surfing the web, reading up on current events, spending time with friends, and tinkering with tech.

SAE Business Manager Azwan Aris

Azwan is a junior from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He was involved in the aerodynamic team and the build season last year and this year he was elected to be the Business Manager. Azwan wants to contribute as much as he can towards this team to make it better than how it was when he first joined and he believes that the business side is just as crucial as the technical side in order to have a very organized design team. In his free time, Azwan likes to play soccer and chess.

Outreach Chair Victor Piglowski

Victor is a sophomore from Suttons Bay, Michigan majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This will be his second year being a part of the Structures subteam as well as the team’s Outreach program of which he will coordinate this year. Victor is excited this year for the team to continue to expand their community service programs and outreach to local elementary, middle and high school students as well as new design challenges on each aircraft. He is also heavily involved in his Christian youth group on campus as well as being an University tour guide. In his free time Victor is passionate about fishing, ultimate frisbee and anything else he can do outdoors.

Faculty Advisor

Carlos Cesnik