2015 MGCC Case Competition

Thank you for participating in the MGCC Case Competition, please look forward to the competition next year.

General Information

We would like to congratulate our winners for the competition:
Case Presentation, First place:
case competition first place

from left: Chang Yup Seo, Rosemarie Figueroa, Wenjun Huang, Amy Wu

Case Presentation, Second Place:
Team Alchemy
case competition second place

from left: Kanika Agrawal, Zachary Abbott, Yusuf Salloum, Abigail Garrity

Case Composition, First Place:

Haolu Feng, Nephi Johnson

Case Composition, Second Place:

Huan Tan

Case Composition, Third Place:

Sriram Vaidyanathan, Jason Wang, Michael Taborn

2015 Sponsors

This competition is possible through the generous sponsorship by:

2015 Event Board

leadership Yashar's image

Yashar Ganjeh


Yashar is a Ph.D. candidate at Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research studies nanoscale heat transfer, which would be crucial for future ultra-efficient thermo-photovoltaic energy conversion. He got his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from University of Tehran, where he did research at the Vehicle, Fuel, and Environment Research Institute (VFERI). His concern for future of STEM education in US led him to become a FIRST robotics competition (FRC) mentor for Ann Arbor’s Pioneer High School team, Pi Hi Samurai. His interests include exercise and fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals, traveling and walking his Siberian Husky. His interest in business strategy has led him to seek a career in management consulting as a generalist upon graduation.
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Sung-Hei Yau, PhD


Sung Hei (Sunny) is a Post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Chemistry under the mentoring of Professor Theodore Goodson. His current research focuses on both the fundamental science of metal nanoclusters and their application in medicine. Sung Hei has a few publications about these materials and has presented in numerous conferences. Outside of the lab, Sunny enjoys photography and has worked with SHEI magazine for 2 years and served as the creative director for FORMzine in the past. Sunny is looking for a career outside of academia and has focused his energy into management consulting. He feels excited and challenged by the work of consultants and is looking forward to challenges ahead.
leadership Margarita's image

Margarita Sifuentes


Ph.D candidate student in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. Background in gene regulation and reproductive science. My interests are in consulting, global health, early-stage investment, and product development and commercialization.
leadership Ha's image

Ha Nguyen

Event Chair

Ha is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Civil Engineering at University of Michigan. She has a strong passion for efficiency, sustainability, and innovation, especially the link between various disciplines for a greater impact. She would like to work in consulting, where she can constantly improve her knowledge and skills and solve challenging real-world problems. She sees herself as an entrepreneurial strategist with a mixed ENFJ/INTJ personality.

As a cultural learner, Ha loves working in a diverse and dynamic environment. Her ideal teamwork style is to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, and to encourage creativity, critical thinking, and constructive criticism. Besides research and classes, she likes organizing events and involving in leading student organizations. Her hobbies include healthy cooking/baking, outdoor, experiential traveling, and dancing.
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leadership Jeremey's image

Jeremy Lapham MS, RN, FNP-BC

Member Judge

Jeremy Lapham is a member of the Co-Op as serves as a member judge for the competition. Jeremy is a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner with over ten years experience in the health care delivery system. He has acquired clinical experience in a variety of health care settings including: emergency care, urgent care, occupational health, international health care, quality improvement, team-training, clinical education, curriculum development and evaluation, and organizational research. MGCC wants to recognize Jeremy’s commitment to this competition and for connecting us with the food co-op
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leadership Yashar's image

Jason Kehrl, Ph.D

Sponsorship Chair

Jason is currently a lead consultant at PreScouter Inc.
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