Welcome to the Michigan Journal of Economics

The Michigan Journal of Economics, founded in 1979, is the oldest undergraduate economics journal in the country. The MJE provides an opportunity for outstanding undergraduates interested in economics to have their papers published. Furthermore, it provides undergraduates with models of how to write economics papers. It encourages students to become interested in economics by providing examples of what is studied within the discipline.

Apart from students attending universities in the United States we regularly receive submissions from students studying in Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. Were it not for the MJE and similar publications, such undergraduate works would go unpublished.

At this site, you will find online articles from the most recent issue of the journal, a comprehensive listing of all previously published articles, information about submitting papers to MJE for consideration, and information about how to subscribe to the journal.

We hope that you will find our internet site both interesting and useful.

If you have any questions about our Journal, please contact our executive board at mjeconomics@umich.edu. We will respond to your question promptly.


Joe Golden

Elena Spatoulas
Managing Editor