2006 Volume 20, Issue 1

America's Medical Malpractice Crisis: The Role of the Medical Malpractice Insurance Industry
David Goodwin
George Washington University

The World Bank in Brazil: Achieving Short Term Growth Without Assuaging Poverty
Edward Reynolds
Princeton University

The U.S. Housing Market: Determinants, Regional Dynamics, and an Assessment of the Recent Rise in Prices
Kevin Salimian
Northwestern University

2005 Volume 19, Issue 1

Essays on Pooled Infant Industry Protection
Jordan Dresnick
University of Virginia

How to Maximize Profits in the Textbook Market: The Theory of Planned Obsolescence
Mei Mei Hu
University of Pennsylvania

Unexplained Pawn Pricing Behavior: A Study of Las Vegas Pawnshops
Jennifer La'O
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stock Market Efficiency and Post Earnings Announcement Drift: 1997-2001
Joshua Soong
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2004 Volume 18, Issue 1

Socioeconomic and Legal Underpinnings of Maternal Mortality in Latin America
Tom Vogl
Princeton University

Household Size and Poverty in South Africa
Scott Meves
University of Michigan

The Impact of Government Subsidies on Contraceptive Use
Kristin Essary and Erin Lane
University of Michigan

Predatory Conduct in the Airlines Industry: A Review of United States v. American Airlines
Devesh Raval
University of Virginia

2001 Volume 17, Issue 1

An Empirical Study on Interest Rate Differentials and Exchange Rates: the Case of Mexico-US After the 1994 Crisis
Adrian de la Garza
University of Pennsylvania

The War on Drugs, Racial Profiling, and Civil Liberties: the Unmentionable Tradeoffs
Renee Leslie Safra
University of Michigan

The Economic Impact of Climate Change on the Mid-Atlantic Region's Downhill Skiing Industry
Matthew R. Balazik
Pennsylvania State University

Survivorship Bias in Persistence of Mutual Funds Returns
Svetla K. Tzenova
Massechusetts Institute of Technology

2000 volume 16, issue 1

Strategic Speeding
James Jackson
Georgetown University

Cigarette Taxation and Gray Market Consumption
Jacob F.M. Oslick
University of Michigan

Critique of the Old-Age Security Model in Antebellum United States
Anting Wang
University of California-Berkeley

Modeling Wage Increase in the College Apparel Industry
Glenn Wright, Adam Levin, and Peter Romer-Friedman
University of michigan

1999 volume 15, issue 1

Rich Districts, Poor Districts: Finance Reforms to Achieve Equality of Education Opportunity
Huiwen Thong
Yale University

United States v. Microsoft (1994): Relevant Impacts on the Computer Software Market
Avraham Ebenstein
University of Michigan

Social Security Reform: Understanding the Risks and Tradeoffs
Oren Ahoobim
Stanford University

An Attempt to Resolve the Keynesian Versus Neoclassical Debate on Real Wage Cyclicality
Charles Bronowski
Rutgers University

1998 volume 14, issue 1

A Hedonic Study of Singapore's Private Residential Property
Yi Chang Tay
London School of Economics

Rising Wages and Declining Employment: the Brazilian Manufacturing Sector in the 90s
Marcos Chaman
Massechusetts Institute of Technology

Household Saving Behavior and the Real Interest Rate: an Empirical Analysis of OECD and Developing Country Data
Harsha Thirumurthy
Oberlin College

The January Effect: Theory and Simulation
David Scott
University of Michigan

Book Review

Pop Internationalism
Mahesh Joshi

1997 volume 13, issue 1

Lost Profits and International Intellectual Property Rights: are Reports of Lost Profits Overestimated?
Eric Pinsky
University of Michigan

Collusion Within NASDAQ: Motives, Practices, and Consequences
Mahesh P. Sardesai
Brown University

Survey of Marijuana Use at Cornell University
Evan Cohen
Cornell University

The Post-Unification Depression in East Germany: an Analysis of Policy Recomendations
Peter Breuer
Vassar College

Book Review

A River Out of Eden: a Darwinian View of Life
Chris Chen

1996 volume 12, issue 1

Critical Mass and Congestion Externalities in Information Networks
Ronney Abaza
University of Michigan

Privatisation in East Germany: Lessons From the Treuhandstalt
Dan Anderson
Mcgill University

Financial Derivatives: a Question of Risk
Zhikai Chen
University of Michigan

Zero Coupon Swaps
John Kendall Beacham
Princeton University

1995 volume 11, issue 1

Getting Unstuck: Game-Theoretic Evolutionary Learning in Development Economics
Bert Huang
Harvard University

Home Bias in Portfolio Selection: Evidence & Explanations
Nicholas Kessler
Yale University

The Wealth Effect of Consumption: an Empirical Analysis of Japan, 1970-1991
Kowei Iwahara
University of Michigan

An Analysis of U.S. Personal Savings: Eisenhower to Bush
Scott Weisbrenner
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Evaluating the Efficiency: Mutual Fund Management From Taxable Investors' Perspective
Benjamin Bun Tse
University of Michigan

Book Reviews

The Economics of Prohibition
Katherine Carmen

Prohibition at its' Worst
Fabian Franklin