Celebrating the National Day of Romania, December 1st, 1918!
Romanian Movie Night: State of Things (1996), director Stere Gulea
->Friday, December 1, 2000, 7:00pm, Anderson Room, Michigan Union.
-> here some movie notes

Fall Meeting 2000:
->Friday, Septembrie 22nd 2000, 6:00pm, Donald R. Meyers Commons, 337 West Hall

Celebrating Labor Day:
->2-4 September, 2000

Summer 2000:

MIROL Spring Meeting 2000 took place on Friday, March 31st, 7:30pm
After the meeting ... movie! free admission at "The Oak" by Lucian Pintilie.
(click here for a sneak preview of the movie)

Romanian Movie Night: An Unforgettable Summer (1995), December 10, 1999

MIROL sponsored Labor Day Romanian Meeting, September 4-6, 1999

Ann Arbor Romanian Tennis Association Summer 1999 Open (credits: Radu Litiu)

Movies in Ann Arbor