Press release - MIROL

MIROL* press release regarding the events from Romania,
during the period of January 18-22, 1999

Even far way from home, we are following in disbelief and truly worried the recent violent protests from Romania, violence which threatens the fragile structure of the newly formed Romanian democratic society.

Unfortunately, the problems which led to these events are not new and, definetly not easy to solve. We are facing the result of bad government during the 1990-1996 period, and we are now facing a Government which is hesitant and amateurish. We are facing people exasperated with living conditions which are degrading with each passing month; also we are facing people which don't succed in understanding that true results come only with true work, and which can't see that actually true work is useless without being integrated in a true economical reform.

We consider that the things can be changed for better only by keeping the faith in a better future. One needs to be honest and needs to expect honesty from the others; otherwise we'll start lying to each other and end up throwing stones at each other. Above all, we have to subscribe to the rules, to a system a rights and responsabilities general accepted as a result of our votes; that's what Democracy is about and this is the best way.

Therefore, we express our sadness in the face of violence and we disapprove the lack of real dialog and understanding proved by all the parts involved in the conflict. We are expressing our hope that the order will be triumphant in Romania and we support the Romanian Guvernment in applying the laws.

							Ann Arbor, MI, USA				
							January 22nd 1999