The Constitution of
The Michigan Romanian League at The University of Michigan

1. The name of the organization is The Michigan Romanian League at The University of Michigan. The acronym is MIROL.

2. The objectives of the organization are:

a. to create a friendly and supportive environment for the Romanians and Romanian natives at The University of Michigan;
b. to promote the Romanian culture and values at The University of Michigan and other universities in the State of Michigan;
c. to bring together the Romanian community from Michigan's universities and colleges;
d. to promote the values of The University of Michigan among the Romanian student community.

3. The organization is open for all the students, faculty, alumni, staff and visiting scholars from The University of Michigan. The organization is open, also, for any other student, faculty member, alumni, staff member or visiting scholar from other Michigan universities or colleges, provided that this membership is intended as a support for the objectives of the organization.

4. To obtain membership, an applicant has to be recommended by a member of the organization; the final decision is to be taken upon vote during a session of the organization.

5. The organization has four officers which are to be elected once a year: a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. These officers will decide by vote about any matter between the regular meetings of the organization; in case of a tie, the president will decide the matter.
Regular meetings of the organization are to be held twice a year or more often if needed. During the regular meetings, simple majority will decide on any matter.

6. Amendments to the present Constitution can be proposed, provided that at the meeting there are present at least two thirds of the total number of members and that the amendments are supported by at least 20% of the present members. The amendments are to be adopted by vote, with a two thirds majority.

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