Selected Student Humanities InfoTech Coursework
Ambiguity Projects
Blip Culture
The Library of Adaptation
Am I A.I.?
The Vampire in Popular Culture
History in the Baking
Beyond the Grave
Power in Numbers: Mastering the Math You Think You Know
News Bias Explored
The Mimesis Project: A Hypertextual Exploration of Translation, Creation, and Editing
Wayfinding: Navigating Human Space
Underground Hip Hop
Shakespeare Writes History
Electronic Music Resource
The Arthur Miller Project
Anime and Manga
An Exploration of Modern Monsters
Jacopo di Poggibonsi - Painter, 1418-1449
The Cultural Crusades: War and Cultural Exchange Between The Christian and Islamic Worlds
Ann Arbor History
The online work linked in the table at left was done in various semesters by groups of students at the University of Michigan in Technology and the Humanities (initially English 415/516, later English 420/516) and in English 414 Multimedia Explorations in the Humanities. The home page of Eric Rabkin links to Courses websites for some offerings of these courses. The links at left were live as of the last posting of this page, If you discover that a link does not function, please notify