Sample Portfolio Menu Page for English 414 Multimedia Explorations in the Humanities

Eric S. Rabkin (1)

Portfolio Item (2) Links & Notes (3) Date first added (4) Date last modified (5)

(a) Information Technology: A Qualitative Difference is a simple web page with one grapic and many links.
(b) Working with Networked Resources is an example of using frames and a site three layers deep.

(a) 5 Nov 00
(b) 5 Nov 00

Photoshop Demonstration of using basic Photoshop tools 5 Nov 00  
Flash Sunset animation w/ basic navigation 5 Nov 00  
FileMaker Demonstration of FileMaker as an interactive presentation program is available in IFS space as ~lsarth/Public/Teach3.FP3 5 Nov 00  
Online course resources evaluated A web page with evaluations of online course resources and links to them    
Online project resources evaluated A web page with evaluations of online project resources and links to them    
Offline project resources evaluated A web page with evaluations of offline project resources    
Interviews (a) A report on three pilot interviews for use in the group project
(b) A FileMaker file with the results of the survey for the group project
Annotated Filmography Webpage with film information, annotations, and links to key clips & stills    

(1) Portfolios should include a student name and a contents table. The name should function as a live link to the student's home page. Every student in English 414 is required to have a home page although it may be rudimentary if the student so wishes. The contents table should function as a menu of the items in the portfolio. (return to top)

(2) Some portfolio items are obligatory; every student is required to submit something under those categories. Some portfolio items are voluntary; all students are encouraged to display examples of whatever work they feel is interesting and/or worthwhile. Obligatory items are listed in the course calendar. In this sample, obligatory items are green; voluntary items are sepia. (return to top)

(3) The contents table serves as a menu by including live links to one or more examples of each portfolio item with explanations if the student feels explanations might be useful to the instructor, to classmates, or to others. In order to keep the contents table visible, links to listed items should open in new windows. (return to top)

(4) The contents table should list the date the first item of a given class of items (e.g., an HTML page) was added to the portfolio. For mandatory items, the deadline for first addition is given in the course calendar. (return to top)

(5) The contents table should list the date the last modification occurred to items of any given item type in the portfolio. This includes modification of existing items, deletion of superceded items, and addition of new items. The due date for evaluation of the portfolio as a whole is given in the course calendar, but students are free to continue modifying their portfolios for as long as they like. (return to top)