July 18, 2018

Workshop on Modern Middle East Studies (MoMES)

MoMES is an interdisciplinary graduate student workshop at the University of Michigan. MoMES was launched in March 2013 by a group of doctoral students in the departments of Political Science, Sociology, Comparative Literature, Economics, and the School of Social Work. The group was formed to provide a regular venue for discussion and collaboration between students whose research spans a diversity of theoretical, methodological, and substantive approaches but all of whom share a regional interest in the Middle East and North Africa. Some of us are conducting research that has a very explicit Middle East focus, while others are knowledgeable observers of the region who may hope to draw on cases from the Middle East to contribute to a larger project. MoMES is designed for graduate students who have a serious interest in conducting their own research on the region and engaging with their colleagues across disciplines.

MoMES activities include:

For more information, please contact Diana Greenwald (graduate student coordinator) at dianabg@umich.edu.