Web Lecture Capture System with Robotic Tracking Camera

Welcome to the MScribe project!

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Watch a movie describing MScribe (CRLT Enriching Scholarship, 9 May 2007)

MScribe is new technology developed by the University of Michigan ATLAS Collaboratory project for making multimedia recordings of University courses on a large scale. It is built into a cart that can be wheeled into classrooms, and captures the lecturer's audio/video feed, any slides displayed on his/her laptop, as well as images of anything the lecturer writes on the chalkboard.

The key factor that makes this technology extremely scalable is the robotic tracking camera which follows the lecturer as he/she wanders throughout the room. This eliminates the need for a human cameraman, and provides high-quality, smooth video of the lecturer.

Beginning in the Fall semester of 2006, MScribe technology will be used to record between 3 and 6 courses at the University of Michigan.

MScribe is working closely with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) to study the pedagogical effects of this potentially world-changing technology on the way students and teachers interact in the classroom.