Global Blue - MBA1

Section 1

Kudos to:

* Becca and David for planning a great picnic at Burns Park. Especially impressive was their ability to get the weather to cooperate.

* Social Chairs from all the sections for planning a wildly successful Pub Crawl.

* John M. and housemates for hosting the unruly bunch before and after.

* Section One IM football team, who trounced Section Two 24-0. To the Section 2 team: we heard you brought a playbook. Next time, bring a notebook. You might learn something.

New Section One couples: Justin proposed to Erika. Congrats to the happy couple. And Dennis plans to send flowers to Ena-isn't that sweet? John L. and ... Whoops, our mistake! No couple there.

On that note, Hal gets the nod for the best class comment of the week, in Marketing regarding J.L.'s philosophy on sending not-so-fresh flowers: "Ask someone who HAS a girlfriend." Even Professor Anderson had to leave the room to regain composure. We have a feeling that Brendan is going to get some unwanted recognition one of these days for his "helpful" comments in class. We heard that you were a half-hour late for the Time Management workshop. Brendan, what has gotten into you?

Warning to all Ann Arbor drivers: Yi got his Driver's license last week. Yi, what was the damage estimate on Dean White's car?

The excellent costumes at the Halloween party were too numerous to mention, but special recognition has to go to someone who went largely unrecognized: John S. How many of us knew the "Kiss" rock-star look-a-like was mild-mannered John? Other great costumes were The Jews Brothers and Judge Ito.

Pub Crawl notes: The PDA award goes to our esteemed classmate B.G. although we understand there were several UN-public displays of affection among party-goers that night.

Who is our Section One classmate who was a finalist in the Miss New York Pageant?

For those of you who heard the chicken mating call at the end of the corp strat exam (that would be everybody), rumor has it that it was a Mexican chicken. M.N. obviously has some hidden talents.

Ricardo deserves recognition for arriving late on the first day of International Business just as Prof. Dufey was explaining how important it is to be on time. Now that we have a famous economist in our class we can see that fame attracts beauty (is it true that your girlfriend was a Miss Brazil runner-up?).

After comfortably beating both the MBA2 and Medical School teams, the soccer team lost valiantly to the Law School in the playoffs. This was not until solid defense from Dave C., Carlos S., Jorge N., Daniel S., and John L. (in net) frustrated our opponents into fighting amongst themselves (just like lawyers).

Our parting words this week: Turn off those #@$! beeps on your calculators!

Section 2

It's amazing how easy it is to get the future business leaders of the world to dress up in stupid costumes, consume copious amounts of beer and do very idiotic things. Well, that's exactly what happened at the Big Halloween Bash last Friday. There was Tom `Superman' C. bursting out of the telephone booth at a single request (I have the pictures Tom, and you should be scared). Straight out of the field was Anna `cash cow' L. Lurking in the backroom was John `the Devil' B. (now why do I get the feeling he has worn that costume before?). There was Holland `the Pitcher' and the charming Mr. Brown (did he really wear that Nerd outfit when he asked her to marry him?). Jumping around like he had been eating too much chocolate was James `the M&M' L.

Then there was Mike B. with his goofy hair and glasses (yes girls, that's what he actually looks like when he gets out of bed in the morning, still interested?). Speaking of hair, there was Marcia Brady and a Straight-Haired Sixties Teen Queen (though it is little wonder, her hair went curly again later that night when the band played the Brazilian Snake Dance - and the Brazilian "danced"!!) So, were you complaining that our column was getting a little mundane, Kimberly? And of course, there was Bond, James Bond. While James was looking to do a little driving on the T-Road (and the "T" doesn't stand for "Toll"), word on the streets is that he was issued a traffic violation and sent home.

On the academic front, I could only smile as I watched the boys in the back row of economics try to work out exactly which prisoners' dilemma we would be studying (and why exactly would we look at something like that in B-School). Prof. LaFontaine has finally convinced our two Daniels to apply for a permanent name change (and perhaps a sex change to match?). Jamie seems to be coming straight out of the closet in declaring his love for Ming, Calyx and Corolla flowers and all, while Hal is just sending flowers to anyone's wife. On who can be latest to class, Karen and Ron seem to be battling it out minute-by-minute. But alas, will there be a new competitor with Kelley making an impressive entry into the market? (Twenty minutes late to IB is quite a strong entrance, huh?) What about Prof. Bovich finally forcing Leo to speakyes, we had been waiting all month, too. Well, it looks like we won't be able to give out the `14 Weeks and Not A Word' award.

ON A SERIOUS NOTE: Where would you like to have our Section 2 photo taken? On a more difficult note, when and what time? Start thinking about it, and we will discuss it soon.

After many complaints, your authors have decided to re-name the `Loser of the Month' Award (okay, it was possibly a little harsh). As we cast around for something more appropriate, we kept coming back to one name. So without further adieu, we bestow the Inaugural Karen M. Award for the activity most likely to upwardly propel the name of Michigan as the premier business school in the world. The recipient, of course, is ... Karen M., for her ultimate display of core competency in calculator operations during the marketing mid-term. (Prof. Bovich has thus decided to put the HP-12C instruction guide on reserve in Kresge for your reference). Congratulations ... again!

Finally, there have been suggestions for having monthly awards involving the actual transfer of so-called `trophies'. Thus, if you like the idea of having a Jughead propeller beanie cap associated with the `Karen M. Award for the Upward Propelling of the UMBS' and an Oscar-like statuette trophy associated with an award for the student who gives the best showing of knowledge or skill (this would possibly be good for `gunners'), please let us know. Until, next time.

Section 3

Zip Up! Two classes, two flies down. Is it cosmic or is it coincidence? Here is something to think about ... Uche spotted it first in both instances. Not that we're implying anything about those who choose seats at the crotch level of their professors or drop highlighters in econ class.

As we are reminded of accounting ... it was refreshing to hear Frankel say, "When we get into the next example, things will get a little more confusing." Please say it isn't so! Some of us have found interesting ways to deal with this confusion. We have David K. in one corner checking his eyelids for holes. (By the way - have you found any yet?). Then we have a couple of people who, last reported, were reverting back to high school by playing, "Who Would You Do?" Then there are the few, CPA certificates in pocket, who laugh quietly at the rest of us. And (just so you don't think we only pick on others) Amy really wouldn't buy your car at cost plus whatever interest you incurred David F!

As we are reminded of marketing (we're keeping with this open fly motif in case you haven't figured it out) there were definitely some memorable events which transpired there - I mean chickens with contacts! Come on. Erin pretty much summed up the exam when she said, "Ask me later. I'm drawing a Gupta blank right now!" How about Ran, "This my last question before I get kicked out of this section." To which Gupta replied, "For how many classes?" Kamilah gets the Question Dodger award for this period for her response to Gupta when he asked if she wanted to say something. Her reply..."No, I was just waiving a piece of dust away." Then there was the flower case. John L. admits, "I remember the one time I sent flowers ..." and Uche confesses, "I'm not as good as John. I've had to send flowers a lot of times ."

IB has started off well. We have discovered, via Professor Lim, that Napit is really a party animal - out till the wee hours of the morning on weekdays. Interesting! And remember, as Professor Lim said, "If no one takes it, it must be useless." Juan (the future Foreign Minister of Trade for Mexico) wins the Ambassador Award for defending Mexico in free trade negotiations.

Socially, thanks go out to David and Bob for their graciousness in hosting the Pub Crawl and to our section's Social Committee. There is nothing like wine, dance, and song to bring a section together. A good time was had by all. Sources tell us that Mark A. found himself verbally challenged from intoxication, as did several others. Memories of the event are fuzzy. Chris H. to Dan, "Man, were we drunk when you took us out Saturday! Tejas doesn't even remember going to Subway." Dan H.'s reply, "Gee, that was even before we went to the bar to find that band." Chris H. responds slowly, "What band? We went to a bar?" Well, these sentiments are shared.

In honor of all the rumored hook-ups that took place, here are the responses of the pick-up line query. We only have a top seven list, which tells us all a little something about all of us, anyway you who (or by the light of the bonfire, would that be you Hugh?). Pay attention!

7. I'm deaf, blind, and mute. Communicate with me.

6. If I said you had a good body, would you hold it against me?

5. After reviewing Erin's driver's license, the bouncer asks curiously, "They don't give phone numbers on these?"

4. Is that a hump on your back or are you happy to see me? (O.K. Rob, who was trying to pick you up at the Halloween Party?)

3. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again.

2. In a conversation between Hugh and a good looking woman, she asks, "So what do you do for a living?" His reply, "Oh, I'm retired now."

1. Same bar, different woman. As Hugh sits sulking at the bar a woman comes up to him and asks, "Why are you so sad?" He replies, "Oh (sniff, sniff) it's nothing. It's just that my aunt said she would leave me $50 million if I could find someone to marry within 30 days. I only have 15 days left. (Sigh) ... Uh, would you like to dance?"

Final pieces of Section News: Jeff might be punctual for a class this week ... but don't hold your breath. The Flag Football team has only lost to the Law School and Med School teams because we don't cheat like they do! (after all, some of us have had an ethics class.) - O.K. so maybe there are other reasons we're not winning, but third and long is comin' on strong next Wednesday don't you worry!

Finally - Do not believe the vicious rumor out there that our section is academically challenged. We are just more well-rounded (you know - that work/life balance) than the others! Remember when we talked about how our section needed to gel? I think it's working.

Section 4

I know that there's gossip out there but nobody is hipping us to anything juicey. Please don't feel that you're ratting out your friends, even if you are. How about that Halloween party, who was the dweeb in the robot/trash can outfit? A big warm welcome to Barbara in Accounting, you don't know what you've been missing.

A few of us have let Economics go to our heads a bit much, like John "that smells like deadweight loss" Callen, and Walter "is that the Ricardian approach" Bruckner, we wonder if Walter takes the Ricardian approach to his Mac "skippy."

This lovely fall Ann Arbor weather has left us more time indoors, of course we need it to read the Esquire's article. Speaking of Pam, good thing she and Greg aren't on the same Marketing team, now the whole class gets to hear their gender bashing. It was also nice to hear that Marcy "God bless you" Kutell was able to get Professor Anderson to use slang in class.

Everyone seems well adjusted to our new schedule: Rather than "taking a sample and estimating" we are "doing it on our HP," and rather than sweating it out before Corp. Strat, we are arriving late to Int'l Bus.

Birthdays for the next two weeks include, Ian, Terry, Emeka and Rick..

Keep on trucking.

Section 5

Alright Section Five, we survived the first seven, how bad can the rest be? ... And the winner is... the results of the latest, well thought-out, carefully planned in-advanced, scientific survey:

What does Section Five do with its free time (since we don't spend it together)?

We Eat: Some of our favorite places to stuff our face include: Grizzly Peaks, Prickly Pear (seemed appropriate), Sweet Lorraine's, Mongolian BBQ ( hey, does anyone know if they have BBQ chicken?), The Earle, The Student Lounge (most definitely!!), Taco Bell (run for the border..or the restroom).

We Drink ( naaahhh, not B-school students!): Mitch's Place ... The Blind Pig ... Grizzly Pears, Prickly Pear, Prickly Peaks, I don't care-never been there; O'Sullivan's (Isn't that in downtown Detroit?), Scorekeepers.

We _________: (Things to do on a Saturday night):

XXXXXX, KY, 69, 123 ... A movie ( kind of pales in comparison, doesn't it?) ... Dave & Brad's parties ... Latin Dancing at the Bombay Bicycle Club ... Sleeping ( alone AND in groups) ... Going to a Natural Resources Party (it involves nude fire dancing-guess who!-hint: WB) ...

And We also____________: (Other Activities that we enjoy doing in Ann Arbor):

Fuller Park (great for dog swimming) ... Cigar Shops ... Gallup Park (do they have horseback riding ?) ... Biking in the rain (W.B. again-go figure!) ... The Law Library (yawn) ... Nichols Arburritum (Double yawn-I know, it's arBOREtum).

HALLOWEEN: Section Five was in full effect at the Halloween Party. Mentionables include: Marla H., who looked oh-so outstanding in her green satin PJs accompanied by the other two members of the singing group TLC (sorry-writer's privilege). RUNNER-UPS: Flying Nun Herve D. came out of the closet, he seemed a little too comfortable in his habit and long blond wig (I think he was looking for one of the many Priests who were running around) Zorro Mike M. looked festive in his Bolero and hat he was seen kicking it on the dance floor nearby were Kim F. and Tracey B. burning up their portion of the dance floor (Tracey was a witch, as for Kim-I can't remember-sorry!!) ... There were several scantily-clad reindeer prancing around-(Joanna and Leslie-actually, that cross-sectional reindeer theme was very effective) ... Astrid bore a striking resemblance to Pocahontas in her Indian outfit. Other Section five Halloween costumes: Catwoman, Cat-in-the-Hat (amiel), a couple of vampires, and some anal section fiver went as a T-Account.

The Section Five flag football team evened its record at 1-1 with a 19-14 win on Sunday, 10/29. Led by Jim Derow, the team is poised to challenge for the league title. Results of Nov 5. game forthcoming ... The pub crawl was well-attended by Section Fivers Ken Monson and Brian Tanis led crews on a perilous journey through the bars of Ann Arbor ... KenM. was commended for his handling of the position of group Treasurer; as Treasurer he managed the financial holdings of the team and he coordinated the ... (sorry about that-it's that resume speak affecting my writing). Ken M. may have had a firm grip on the money, but he should have had his other grip on William B. Let's just say that William is now known as William "the firewalker" Burnidge....Question: What makes one want to jump into a blazing bonfire? William's response when asked if this was true (as his face turned red): "I don't recall." - I think he's glad that he doesn't). We're past the 6:00 deadline, so if you're reading this column, thank the MSJ ... Keith W.'s birthday is Thursday, Nov 9; HAPPY 21st Keith. I am looking Forward to Section Five Whirley Ball on Nov 16 ... later!

Section 6

The midnight deadline has passed and at long last we can say our resumes have been submitted. Your ever dedicated Global Blue reps understand that some members of our glorious section have been employing those action verbs a little more vigorously than others ... so in the spirit of M-Track here is this week's resume version of the Global Blue column.

Mike G. investigated new and interesting neighborhoods; Developed and strengthened sectional ties thorough interpersonal interaction; Participated in nocturnal activities.

Bob W. enforced healthy perspective on the value of education; Traveled extensively to World Series Game 2 (Way to go Bob!!!); Demonstrated concept that life is meant to be fun (I say keep it...)

Matt B. promoted vigorously game of "Pigs"; Interacted extensively with second year peers; Additional Interests: Enjoys snow-skiing, dancing and football.

Heather K. devised new and creative bowling strategies; Exhibited strong social skills and fostered section spirit; Promoted and participated in intersectional nocturnal actions

Greg B. exhibited clear understanding of simple versus compound interest in first day of finance; Contributed extensively to Michael Milken's autobiography resulting in increased brownie points (Greg, there's no class participation grade in this one ...)

Per H. demonstrated extraordinary coordination skills resulting in drunken game of Simon; Promoted local cultural interchange through outreach program to local imbibement and gaming establishment.

Todd M. collaborated with peers to uncover 4 a.m. Ann Arbor breakfast establishments; Eliminated hunger (temporarily) increasing local demand during off peak hours.

Jennifer H. revealed strong Type A initiative through creative and persistent pub crawl strategies; resulted in a first place showing; Displayed exceptional interpersonal abilities (again during and following the pub crawl ...)

Section 6 employed superb interpersonal skills; proved bell curve theory that only 25% can be in the top quarter

Your ever-dedicated Global Blue representatives are available for walk-in consultation for resume design and the continued dissemination of gossip.

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