November 6, 1995 Volume 48, Issue 9

Top Stories:

  • Sam Zell and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  • B-School Students Discuss Impact of Million Man March

  • Columns:

  • A Voice from the Bleachers: Gearing Up for Another Season of Hoop Dreams

  • Global Blue: MBA1

  • Global Blue: MBA2

  • $treetCorner: $treetCorner

  • MBA Gourmet: MBA Gourmet

  • Counselor Perspectives: Interviewing: A 30 Minute Sales Pitch

  • Editor's Corner: Detroit Volunteers Should Feel Proud

  • Opinion: Course Selection Advice: Excape the B-School!

    Inside This Issue:

  • Stern, McCracken Head Upcoming Speaker List

  • Lit by the Courage of Others: Student Leader Li Lu Discusses Tiananmen Square

  • Corporate Donations to B-School Growing More Than Ever

  • Greg Louganis Breaks the Surface: Former Olympian Tells Story

  • WDI Provides International Experience, Real World Job Skills

  • Opportunities Abound at the Tauber Manufacturing Institute

  • 1995-1996 College Basketball Preview: The Complete Guide

  • First Years

  • Second Years

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