Former Graduate Students

Dr. Kate McMurtrey

Time: 9/10-08/14


Dr. Ansis Maleckis

Time: 9/11-06/14

Current: Post-doc with Edwin Vedejs at the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis.

Dr. Anna Wagner

Time: 9/10-05/14

Current: Post-doc with Noah Burns at Stanford.

Dr. Chelsea Huff

Time: 1/10-04/14

Current: Associate scientist, post-doc fellow, Merck, Rahway, NJ.

Tiffiny Micyus

Time: 9/11-12/13

Current: Senior Analytical Chemist at Avomeen Analytical Services, Ann Arbor

Dr. Yingda Ye

Time: 9/09-7/12

Current: Post-doc with Richmond Sarpong at UC Berkeley

Dr. Sharon Neufeldt

Time: 4/08-12/12

Current: Post-doc with Kendall Houk at UCLA

Dr. Asako Kubota

Time: 4/08-5/12

Current: Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Brannon Gary

Time: 5/08-12/11

Current: Post-doc with Dan Stack at Stanford University

Dr. Kara Stowers

Time: 4/07-1/12

Current: Post-doc with Cynthia Friend at Harvard University

Dr. Joy Racowski

Time: 4/07-12/11

Current: Air Liquide

Dr. Amanda Hickman

Time: 4/08-11/11

Current: UOP, A Honeywell Company, Chicago, IL

Dr. Matt Remy

Time: 4/06-4/11

Current: Dow Chemical

Dr. Nicholas Ball

Time: 4/06-12/10

Current: Assistant Professor at Amherst College
Prof. Nick Ball's group page.

Dr. Andrew Higgs

Time: 4/06-12/10

Current: Visiting Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee University

Dr. Thomas Lyons

Time: 4/06-12/10

Current: Postdoctoral Fellow with Maurice Brookhart -University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Dr. Nicholas Deprez

Time: 4/05 - 3/09

Current: Dupont Agrochemicals

Dr. Kami Hull

Time: 9/03-2/09

Current: Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, Urbana
Prof. Kami Hull's group page.

Dr. Dipannita Kalyani

Time: 1/04-11/08

Current: Assistant Professor at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN

Dr. Salena Whitfield

Time: 9/03-5/08

Current: Abbott Laboratories

Dr. Lopa Desai

Time: 1/04-4/08

Current: Bristol Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ

Dr. Allison Dick

Time: 4/03-4/07

Current: Chemical Abstracts Services, Columbus, OH

Former Postdocs

Dr. Rachel Brooner

Time: 8/13-2/15

Current: Dow Chemical, MI.

Dr. Sarah Ryan

Time: 3/13-12/14

Current: Dow AgroSciences, In

Dr. James Suttil

Time: 1/13-11/14

Current: Phillips 66, OK

Dr. Doug Genna

Time: 1/12-7/14

Current: Assistant Professor at the Youngstown State University , OH (Doug's group page)

Dr. Laura Allen

Time: 8/12-11/13

Current: Scotts Miracle-Gro, Marysville, OH

Dr. Thomas Dröge

Time: 6/12 - 5/13

Current: Bayer CropScience AG, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Dr. Kevin Fortner

Time: 8/10-4/12

Current: Eli Lilly,Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Rebecca Loy

Time: 2/10-4/12

Current: Lecturer at Boston Univeristy, Boston, MA

Dr. Dipa Kalyani

Time: 2/11-8/11

Current: Assistant Professor at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN

Dr. Marion Emmert

Time: 6/09-7/11

Current: Assistant Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA (Marion's group page)

Dr. Andrew Satterfield

Time: 8/09-10/10

Current: Dupont Agrochemicals

Dr. Janette Villalobos

Time: 7/07-3/09

Current: Proctor and Gamble

Dr. Bala Ramanathan

Time: 9/07-8/08

Current: Postdoctoral Fellow with Mitch Smith at Michigan State

Dr. Paul Zinn

Time: 9/06-6/07

Current: Nalco Company, Naperville, IL

Dr. Leilani Zart (Welbes)

Time: 4/05-3/06

Current: Assistant Professor at Wartburg College, Waverly, IA

Dr. Eric Kalberer

Time: 9/04-2/06

Current: Western Research Institute, Laramie, WY