Departmental Instrumentation and Facilities

Sanford Lab Instrumentation

Two MBraun Labmaster 130 Glove Boxes
Large capacity, large and small antechambers, refrigerator

Four Shimadzu GCs with 12- or 150-vial autosamplers and FID detection

Shimadzu GCMS with 150-vial autosampler


Parr Multiple Reactor System
Capable of simultaneously running multiple reactions at elevated pressures (up to 3000 psi) and temperatures

Solvent System
By Innovative Technologies, a safe and convenient way to dispense pentane, ether, THF, toluene, and DCM
Cryo Cooler
Capable of maintaining reactions at constant temperatures below room temperature


Analytical HPLC
Varian Pro-Star 210 with UV detector, autosampler, and automatic fraction collector
Varian Pro-Star 218 with UV detector, and automatic fraction collector.


Microwave Reactor
CEM Discover model. Can be run from software. Pressure, temperature and time easily varied, and reactions are conducted in special thick-walled vessels.
Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST16 Centrifuge
With adapters for 15 and 50 mL conical tubes and 4 and 20 mL scintillation vials.

Thermo Scientific HERATherm Oven
Two ovens with digital temperature control and programmable temperature ramping capabilities.

Sanford Lab Facilities

Fume hoods, each equipped with vacuum/nitrogen Schlenk line with digital vacuum gauge, IKA stirrer/hotplate with thermocouple, and miscellaneous stir plates.
Labrota rotovaps with temperature programmable water baths, ovens for glassware,chemical refrigerator/freezer.
Break room containing iMac and Dell computers, HP Laserjet printer with duplexing capabilities, food refrigerator, microwave oven and toaster oven.