Donald Lively

Donald E. Lively
Professor Of Law
University Of Toledo
Professor Donald E. Lively is the author of two books on Communications Law, Modern Communications Law, and Essential Principles of Communications Law, as well as numerous articles, essays and reviews dealing with First Amendment, media, and regulation.

Prior to teaching at the University Of Toledo College Of Law, St. Thomas University, and Citypolytechnic of Hong Kong, Professor Lively was a member of Coghill and Goodspeed, P.C. (1982-84) and an attorney for the Des Moines Register (1982) and the Securi ties and Exchange Commission Office of the General Counsel(1980-1982). His other previous positions include Assistant Manager for Public Relations for Georgia Power Company and television journalist.

Professor Lively has also authored numerous books and articles on Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and the Supreme Court. He received his J.D. from University Of California at Los Angeles; he earned a M.S. from Northwestern University; A.B. from Universi ty Of California at Berkeley.