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Steri-Oss® System

Steri-Oss® Replace components

The Steri-Oss® System implants are Externally-Hexed (HL) threaded implants with the surface in Etched-Titanium, Hydroxapitite (HA-Coated) and Titanium Plasma Spray (TPS-Coated), and Externally-Hexed (HL) cylindrical implants that are HA-Coated and TPS-Coated.

The Steri-Oss® System also provides Non-Hexed threaded implants in Etched-Titanium, and HA-Coated surfaces. The Non-Hexed cylindrical implants are available in HA-Coated and TPS-Coated surfaces.

The abutment selections for both the Externally-Hexed (HL) and the Non-Hexed implants are organized according to the method by which the prosthetic will be retained. Abutments are available for Cement-Retained, Screw-Retained and Bar-Retained or Abutment-Retained restorations.

The implants are produced in lengths that vary from 8.0 mm to 18.0 mm depending on the implant form selected. The implants are produced in widths of 3.25 mm, 3.8 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm.

The Steri-Oss® Replace System provides the clinician with a variety of options to accommodate different surgical sites and provide optimal restorative versatility. The external hex for the Replace implant is 1.0 mm tall. The system is color-coded to match diameters of the implants. Studies have been conducted by the Center that involve the Steri-Oss® System.

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