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Procera® System

Since the early 1990’s, researchers and clinicians have been seeking ways for fabricating dental restorations that are new and innovative and at the same time improve the quality of care rendered patients. The Procera® System developed by Dr. Matts Andersson for Nobel Biocare embraces the concept of computer assisted design and computer assisted machining and in so doing provides the means to develop restorative options for the restoration of natural teeth and implant rehabilitations. With the Procera® System the technician can design a coping for a full crown restoration controlling the thickness, emergence profile, and finish line. The design data can be forwarded to the manufacturing facility and the coping produced in various materials. Sophisticated powder pressing technology is used as well as computer assisted machining programs in production. This Procera® System has been expanded to include single or multiple unit coping designs fabricated in ceramic materials. Customized titanium and ceramic implant abutments are manufactured using the virtual reality CAD/CAM software program for the system. They can also be created by scanning a pattern and produced in either a ceramic or titanium material. Ceramic laminates that meet the esthetic requirements of the patient is another treatment modality available using the Procera® System. Besides these restorative options, the Procera® System has grown to include dental products or devices that go beyond these single or multiple unit bridge restorations for natural teeth or implants. Using the Procera® System, The “Teeth in a Hour” treatment option was developed. This option permits management of the edentulous arch. It involves treatment planning, component and instrumentation development, and the construction of the prosthesis using the CAD/CAM approach. Five to six implants are placed at the surgery appointment followed by insertion of the finished prosthesis in a single appointment of less than one hour. The one-piece machined titanium bridge is another Procera development. One-piece all-ceramic fixed partial denture is on the horizon. The potential for the Procera® System are limitless.

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