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the ncf is an interdisciplinary group

for faculty and graduate students in English, History, Comparative Literature, American Culture, Women's Studies and related departments and programs at the University of Michigan through Rackham Graduate School.

***We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the Eighteenth Century Studies Group at the University of Michigan.***

We regularly welcome visiting scholars to discuss their work in an informal setting.

We will be co-hosting an interdisciplinary graduate student conference with the ECSG, "The Economy of Scales", March 21-22, 2014.

This conference will explore the “economy” of scales in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, that is, the manner in which different scales -- temporal and/or spatial, whole or part, macroscopic or microscopic, human or non-human, and local, national, or international -- influence cultural, historical, literary and scientific practices in these periods.

In addition, we will be hosting this year's Midwest Victorian Studies Association Conference, "Victorian Violence," April 11-13.

Presentations will focus on the theme "Victorian Violence."  This includes conflict or resistance and its representations in art, music, history, or literature:  violence in the army, the colonies, the prisons, the streets, the workplace, the family, the home, and even the animal kingdom.  

The deadline for early registration is February 14. Please see the conference website for more information: Midwest Victorian Studies Association

If you have questions about this website, please contact the NCF webmaster,
Elizabeth McAdams.