About Us

The Japan Student Association (JSA) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is a non-profit student organization dedicated to promoting a better campus understanding of the various aspects of Japan and the Japanese culture. JSA is primarily a social group and serves as a forum for people to meet others who share their interests in Japanese culture. JSA holds general meetings as well as various social events, such as karaoke, BBQs, sushi nights, bowling nights, etc. JSA also provides career services by connecting students with recruiters from various Japanese companies through company presentations and dinners. Additionally, JSA sponsors a series of conversational groups for those studying the Japanese language.

JSA is open to students of any cultural or ethnic background. You do not need to know Japanese or anything about Japan. If you are at all interested in Japanese culture, come check us out!

Why be a member? Member benefits include a reduced or free admission to our events, as well as several discounts to local restaurants and shops in Ann Arbor. Buy a membership card for $5 and you’re set for the whole year (until end of August). Membership cards are generally sold in the beginning of the term but we’re always accepting new members! For more information, check out our membership page.


Special Features




JSA also has a Twitter account that will regularly update its event information, and what was discussed during board meeting. If you would like a say in what we do as an organization, follow our twitter account and let us know your ideas! You can click the twitter icon on the top left of this webpage to get to our twitter account.