Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative


There are a variety of consulting services available. The following are some of the groups that offer consulting services that may be of use.

Neuroimaging consulting

General consulting on computer use, computing resources on campus, data management, software installation and use, etc., and questions about who to contact or whether there is help should be sent to michigan-nii-help@umich.edu

You can also request an in-person appointment, which are generally on Tuesdays. We share an office with the Mock Scanner in B412 East Hall, and you should feel free to stop by on Tuesday after 10:00 AM.

We will also schedule customized group training or meetings if there is something that a group of people would like to learn or discuss together.

Professional and technical staff

Andrew Jahn

Andrew Jahn has a PhD from Indiana University and is the author of the popular Andy’s Brain Blog. Andy can provide consulting and assistance on experimental design, interpretation of results, and analysis of fMRI data (with the packages SPM, FSL, AFNI), volumetric data (with FreeSurfer), and DTI data (with TBSS).

Andy gave a very nice introduction to his consulting areas, his role, and to the NII in general, at the Psychiatry department as part of the first meeting of the Neuroimaging Methocs journal club that meets at the Rachel Upjohn building.

Office: 1265 East Hall
Walk-in consulting hours: Tue, noon–4:00 PM and Wed, 9:00 AM–noon

Michael Angstadt

Michael Angstadt is on the technical staff of the Psychiatry department and is one of the coauthors of the UM Neuroimaging Methods Core (MC) tools and processing system. Mike can provide consulting on the MC tools, MATLAB programming, Python, experimental design, interpretation of results, and all aspects of preprocessing and analysis of neuroimaging analysis.

Office: B412 East Hall, Tuesdays

Krisanne Litinas

Krisanne Litinas is on the technical staff of the UM fRMI Laboratory. Krisanne is one of the maintainers of the Lab’s preprocessing stream, and can provide consulting on preprocessing, data management, issues with image quality assurance and control.

Office: fMRI Laboratory

Bennet Fauber

Bennet Fauber is a Scientific Software Analyst for the UM Advanced Research Computing group, where he maintains software and provides technical support for UM’s central computing clusters. Bennet is the primary maintainer for the Brainbox project and provides assistance with systems use (Linux), general programming, cluster use, automation, data management, and integrating various components of UM’s computing infrastructure.

Office: B412 East Hall, Tuesdays

Group consulting

Courtesy of the Psychology department, we have a room reserved with a large screen and conference table that is suitable for group meetings or open hours.

For the winter 2020 term (Jan 9–May 2), the following hours are available to be scheduled.

2238 East Hall Tue, 3:00–4:00 PM

Please request use of those times and the room in advance by e-mail to michigan-nii-consulting@umich.edu.

Michigan Neuroimaging Methods Core

The Michigan Neuroimaging Methods Core provides high-level neuroimaging support to University of Michigan investigators. For those with access to the Methods Core software, they also provide assistance working with it.

Web site: http://methodscore.psych.med.umich.edu/home
E-Mail: MethodsCoreHelp@umich.edu


Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides consulting on statistics, programming (MATLAB, Python, R), statistical software (SAS, SPSS, Stata), and problems that fall under the rubric of data science or big data.

Web site: http://cscar.research.umich.edu/

E-Mail: stats-consulting@umich.edu


Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services provides consulting use of the Flux cluster, and can help you locate appropriate resources for data storage that is network-accesible.

Web site: http://arc-ts.umich.edu/

E-Mail: hpc-support@umich.edu