Pollution Prevention Strategies for College Campuses:
A Case Study at the University of Michigan

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Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Environmental Audit
Ch. 3: Theoretical Bases
Ch. 4: Case Study at the Business School
Ch. 5: Case Study in Chemical Tracking
Ch. 6: Strategies for University Pollution Prevention

Table of Contents (80K) * Acknowledgements (48K) * Preface (55K) * Executive Summary (48K) * List of Abbreviations (43K)

Ch. 1: Introduction (95K)

Document Scope and Format * The Pollution Prevention Concept * Benefits of Pollution Prevention * Origin of the Project

Ch. 2: Environmental Audit (110K)

Introduction * Audits as Resources and Starting Points * Audit Methodology * Questions for Campus Environmental Audits * Audit Results * How We Used The Results

Ch. 3: Theoretical Bases (103K)

Introduction * Action Research * Community Participation * Behavior Change * Documenting an Action Research Project * References

Ch. 4: Case Study at the Business School (135K)

Introduction: Rationale for Choosing the Business School * Profile of the Business School * Project Overview * Chronology * Conclusions * Recommendations * Follow up: May - December, 1993P The Green Team on Its Own * References

Ch. 5: Case Study in Chemical Tracking (143K)

Introduction: Need for a Chemical Tracking System * Project Overview * Chronology * Chemical Tracking Proposal * Conclusions * Recommendations * Follow up: How the Project Progressed from May - December, 1993 * References

Ch. 6: Strategies for University Pollution Prevention (113K)

Time Management * Group Process * Strategy for Pollution Prevention * Recommendations for Successful Audits and Intervention Projects

Appendixes (345K)

I: U-M Ann Arbor Campus Environmental Audit Results
II: Business School Environmental Audit
III: Initial Business School Models
IV: Proposal for "Greening" the Business School
V: Business School Survey Results
VI: Completed Business School Surveys
VII: Green Team Charter
VIII: Proposed Green Team Meeting Agendas
IX: Lighting Audit Worksheet
X: February 1, 1993, Monroe Street Journal Article
XI: Questions for OSEH
XII: Questions for University Interviews
XIII: Pollution-Reduction Project Ideas for Students
XIV: Conference Presentations
XV: Annotated Bibliography and Information Clearinghouses

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