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 "Woody Plants: Biology and Identification"
is an undergraduate and graduate course offered
during fall term at the University of Michigan.

 The course is listed as NRE 337/437 in the
School of Natural Resources and Environment,
and is cross-listed as Biology 355 in the Department of Biology.

   We have former students all around the world!!! 

  The Storied History of Woody Plants: Learn how it all began over 30 years ago,only a twinkle in the eyes of two young and charming professors.
   Woody Plants Philosophy: How and why we teach it the way we do; (read, the Method to the Madness).
A Student's Perspective of Woody Plants: Read an article titled, "Into the swamps with Woody Plants" by a former Woody Plants student to get a first hand account of what the course is all about.

Course Details, Fall Term 2000
   Lecture Schedule: Lecture syllabus and general lecture outlines.
   Exam Material: Check out last year's exams as a study guide
   Labs and Lab Schedule: Class lists, weekly lab announcements, plant lists and weather forecasts.
     Staff: Professors, instructors and collectors.  Check for office hours and e-mail links.
Strange Happenings: Unique events scheduled throughout the term.
  The Woody Plants Study Lab: Strategies, announcements, methods and office hours.
    Grading Schemes Our method of grading, both at the end of the term and throughout.
Reading Lists: Books on reserve and recommended readings to supplement lectures.
   Related Courses: Recommended if you have an interest in plants or plant ecology, or just field courses.

Other Links Possibly Relevant to Woody Plants (but possibly not)
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Michigan Department of Natural Resources
US Fish and Wildlife Service
  National Park Service
The Nature Conservancy
University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum
US Department of Agriculture Plant Database

Photo by D. Kashian
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