Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

Name Years with OCM Group Research Subject Affiliation
Assaf Manor 2017 Organic Lasers Landa Labs
Kyusang Lee 2015-2016 Organic and Inorganic PV The University of Virginia
Qi Wang 2016 OLED Reliability
Ardavan Oskooi 2014-2015 Optical Outcoupling of OLEDs Simpetus
Olga Griffith 2012-2015 Organic Photovoltaics Sakti3
Cedric Rolin 2011-2013 Organic Vapor Phase Deposition IMEC
Jeramy D. Zimmerman 2007-2013 MBE, Carbon Nanotube and Organic Photovoltaics Colorado School of Mines
Xiaolong Hu 2010-2012 Organic Lasers Columbia
Ning Li 2008-2010 Organic Photovoltaics IBM Research
Michael Arnold 2006-2008 OVJP, Carbon Nanotube Photonics University of Wisconsin
Marcelo Davanco 2006-2008 Negative Index Materials NIST
Yohai Roichman 2004-2005 Organic photovoltaics Reltyx Holdings, Israel
Vinod Menon 2001-2004 Wavelength Selective Integrated Photonic Devices City College, NY

Sven Möller 2000-2003 Organic memories Deceased
Aharon Yakimov 2000-2002 Photovoltaics G.E. labs
Marc Baldo 2001 Electrophosphorescence and transport

Chihaya Adachi 1999-2001 Phosphorescent OLEDs Kyushu University
Michael Gerstenberg 1999-2000 Structure studies of organic thin films Riso National Lab
Wilson Lin 2000 Molecular beam epitaxy Newport Corp.
Milind Gokhale 1996-2000 Compound semiconductor materials and devices Santur Corp.
Paul Burrows 1992-2000 Organic materials and devices Reata Research
Vladimir Bulovic 1998-1999 OLEDs MIT
Victor B. Khalfin 1997-1999 Microcavity effects in organic LEDs Princeton
Vladimir Kozlov 1997-1999 Organic lasers RHK Associates
Miriam Deutsch 1997-1998 Organic modulators Univ. of Oregon
Paul Fenter 1997-1998 Structural  studies of organic thin films Argonne Nat'l Lab
Diarmuid O'Brien 1997-1998 Organic LEDs Trinity College, Dublin
Dmitri Garbuzov 1994-1997 High power and surface emitting lasers Deceased
Chih-Ping Chao 1992-1995 Surface emitting lasers Texas Instruments
De Yu Zang 1990-1992 Organic modulators Ipitek