Crystalline Organic Films

Organic Vapor Phase Deposition OVPD is a thin film growth technique being researched by the OCM group. It allows more efficient materials usage and greater control of surface morphology than vacuum thermal evaporation. In this OVPD system, organic vapor is generated at the top of the chamber and flows downward with a carrier gas. Material is grown on a substrate sitting near the bottom of the chamber. An electron gun is attached to the chamber for reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED). RHEED is used to monitor the crystalline order of thin films as they are grown.

(above) The Organic Molecular Beam Deposition (OMBD) system grows organic films in a finely controlled, MBE-like environment. This is one of two organic growth chambers in the OMBD system.

(above) The rear of the OMBD 2 chamber is visible in the lower right portion of the photo. A sputtering chamber is on the left.

(above) The OMBD system contains transfer chambers that allow a substrate to be shuttled between deposition chambers without leaving ultra-high vacuum. The substrates can then be anaylysed in an attached surface science chamber

The OMBD metals evaporation chamber has an in situ masking system for deposition of patterned metal cathodes over organic thin films.