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Quote from Hartley White

Read by Margaret Noodin

Endaso-giizhigag akina gegoo bakaan gigii-kikendaan, mii i'iw endaso-giizhigag apane oshski-gikendaasowin, mii i'iw nikeyaa ezhi-bimaadiziyan mii gomaa ji-naazikaman ji-noondaman ji-wabandaman miinawaa maada'ookii a'aw manidoo mii i'iw nikeyaa nandawaabandaman wenizhishing.

Every day you learn something different, every day a new piece of knowledge. That's the way you live your life. Then you approach those things a little more to hear them, to see them. And the Spirit shares. That's how you search for the good things.

Hartley White - Living Our Language

Bimaadzijig Naadamajig (Community)

Margaret Noodin

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Giishpin gwa pane anishinaabemoying...Ingoding gwa giishigag kina kaa Anishinaabemowin. If we all speak day everyone will speak Anishinaabemowin
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