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Michigan Kinoschiganan (Michigan Symbols)

The following handout was written for a youth activity at the University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History in November of 2007 and has been edited to be used again in November 2008.

Michigan Kinoschiganan - Michigan Symbols
Getin wiibidan - Mammoth teeth
Zhaawskwaa-asin - Green Stone (Chlorastrolite)
Bidaasige-asin - Petosky Stone
Megwas - Brook Trout
Niiaabshkaanwed Waawaashkesh - White-tailed Deer
Mskwaadanse - Painted Turtle
Nabagashk, - Blue Flag Iris
Miishikaan or Wiingwaa'aageg - Wolverine
Zhiingwak - Pine
Mshiiminatig Baashkaabgwaaniid - Apple Tree Blossoms
Apitchi - Robin
Kalkaska Basadangwak Megweke - Kalkaska Sand

Michigan Symbols

Long before Michigan became a state in 1837, the Anishinaabe people also use symbols from nature to classify and organize the way they thought about the world. One system still used today is called the clan, or "dodem" system. These animals were called Anishinaabe Naadamaadwaad, or helpers.

Mshkiikenh - Box Turtle
Mskwaadans - Red Turtle
Name - Sturgeon


Mkwa - Bear
Gaag - Porcupine
Mik - Beaver


Maa'ingan - Wolf
Zhiishiib - Duck
Mgizi - Eagle


Waabzheshii - Marten
Waagosh - Fox
Jiijak - Crane

Bimaadzijig Naadamajig (Community)
University of Michigan Exhibit Museum

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