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Giizis Noongshkad ni Boon (Winter Solstice)

Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig created and is sharing this community language lesson that will be a part of the Gda'shkitoomi Circles of Care's Winter Solstice Program at American Indian Health and Family Services of Southeastern Michigan, Inc.

Giizis Noongshkad ni Boon
The Sun Stops in Winter
Winter Solstice

1. Mii sa noongwa maaji boon.
This today it starts winter.
Today is the start of winter.

2. Aanjisemigag maanda kaa miinigooying aki.
It changes this (in the past) it was given to us the earth.
The gift of the earth that was given to us is changing.

3. Kina maamwe maanda aki miinigoomi.
All together it the earth we are given.
The earth is a gift to all of us together.

4. Noongwa giizis noongshkad aki dibaadmigii'ying ezhi bimaadziying.
Today the Sun he stops the earth looking over us all how we are living.
Today the sun stops and looks over all of us on earth to see how we are living.

5. G'miingwezim. G'miingwezimi.
You all are gifted. We all are gifted.
Bimaadzijig Naadamajig (Community)

Winter Solstice

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Giishpin gwa pane anishinaabemoying...Ingoding gwa giishigag kina kaa Anishinaabemowin. If we all speak day everyone will speak Anishinaabemowin
2013 Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig