Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig: The People Who Speak Anishinaabemowin Today
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University of Michigan Anishinaabemowin Curriculum

First Year

Second Year

Lessons from Visitors

Every year we host different speakers and visitors to our classrooms and try to capture that experience in a way that can be learned from.

Listening Practice

Here are several conversations entirely in Ojibwe among multiple speakers. Listen to practice hearing and understanding Anishinaabemowin.

Ojibwe Lessons
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Giishpin gwa pane anishinaabemoying...Ingoding gwa giishigag kina kaa Anishinaabemowin. If we all speak day everyone will speak Anishinaabemowin
2014 Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig