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The Cookie Game

Cookie Game

The Cookie game is like Concentration where one or two players take turns matching cards. On one side of the card is the cookie and on the other side is a shape with its meaning in Anishinaabemowin. Say the words out loud when you turn the cards over.

Instructions: Download and print the Cookie and Shapes and Words sheets and then tape them together. Then play with these instructions in Anishinaabemowin!

1. Kina taadiwinag g'gwekiigin'aananig.
All the cards we turn them over.

2. G'zaswebinaa'aananig.
We scatter them.

3. Bebezhig g'maamwesidaag.
One at a time you put them together.

Special thanks to Shannon and Fionna Noori for creating and playing this Cookie game which was presented at the 16th Annual Language and Culture Camp and to Howard Kimewon for translation assistance.

Ekinomaagaazojig Nokiiwag (Student Projects)
Cookie Game

Matching Cookie Game

Download the cookie side (PDF)

Download the shapes and words side (PDF)

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