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G'zaagidimi (Love is Here to Stay)

Translated by Howard Kimewon and Margaret Noodin. Sung by Margaret Noodin

by George & Ira Gershwin

Note: As with many songs, an exact translation is not possible. This three line version provides the original lyrics last with the Anishinaabemowin and literal lyrics first so that students can learn the meaning easily. A good example of this is the illogical English metaphor in this song for love crumbling like the earth when in fact, as Howard's Uncle Steve pointed out, a better Anishinaabe metaphor is the ceaseless shifting of a river.


It's true
It's very true


We are in love
Our love is here to stay

Pane gwa, gaa'in goweta ingod boon

Always, not just one year
Not for a year, but ever and a day

Mdwechigan, giigido biiapkons miinwaa mazinaateschigan

Radio, telephone and movie
The radio, the telephone and the movies that we know

Gonemaa da bi zhiibaashkawag noongwa maashige waaban

Maybe they will appear today or maybe not tomorrow
May just be passing fancies that in time may go

Beka gwa n'bazigem

But wait my dear
But oh . . . my dear

Zaagidiwin pane g'ga neyaanaa

Love always we will have it
Our love is here to stay

G'ga niizhimi waasa waa izhaaying

We will be two a long way we will go
Together we're going a long, long way

Nanagodinong ziibi da ni minojwan

Sometime the river is smooth
The Rockies may crumble

Nanagodinong ziibi da maanaajijiwan

Sometime the river is rough
Gibralter may tumble

Booch geyabi zagidiwin g'ga neyaanaa

Really still our love we'll have
They're only made of clay

Zaagidiwin g'ga neyaanaa

Love we have it
Our love is here to stay

Pane igo g'ga neyaanaa

Always really we have it
It's here to stay

Pane ga ni yaanaa

Always we have it
It's here to stay
Nagamwinan (Songs)
Margaret Noodin

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