OLLI Video Help and FAQ

Quick Links Viewing OLLI Videos
Troubleshooting Video Problems

Viewing OLLI Videos

  1. To Begin— Simply click on the link to the video. The Video Viewer will appear in your browser. It will probably start playing the video automatically.
  2. Video Viewer— The Video Viewer and the web page on which it resides will show the video's title, a space where the video will play, several control buttons, and a text section that gives details about the video (title, speaker's name, and a short biography). The video viewer itself will show the video's duration in minutes and seconds, the date and time when and the location where the video was made, copyright and other rights information about the video.
  3. Start Playing— The video may start playing automatically on some devices. If the video is not already playing, click on the video image to start playing it.
  4. Pause and Resume—Click on the video image again or press the space bar on your keyboard to Pause and Resume Playing the video.
  5. Controls— Below the video image are several buttons that can be used to control the video (Play, Pause, Mute, Volume Up, and Volume Down).
  6. Finished— When you are done watching the video, simply close the viewer window.
  7. More Controls— There are also controls to display or hide close captioning (CC) (see below for more details), to select Speed and Quality (*), and to enter Full Screen mode (see below for more details).
  8. More on Closed Captioning— Closed captions will probably be on by default when the video starts. You can control closed captioning with the CC control. Click CC and select OFF to hide closed captions or click English to enable captions. Captions may be hard to see on small screens. Switching to Full Screen mode may make captions slightly larger.
  9. Resizing—You can make the video viewer larger or smaller by resizing your web browser's window. The height of the viewer is determined by the width of the browser window in order to maintain the proper aspect ratio for the video, usually 16:9 or occasionally 4:3.
  10. Full Screen Mode— To enter Full Screen mode, click on the icon composed of two small, outward facing arrows. To exit from Full Screen mode, press the ESC key on your keyboard. Note that Full Screen mode may be unavailable in some situations.

Troubleshooting Video Problems

  1. Can’t see all of the video in the viewer.
    • Scroll the window so the video image is at the very top of the window;
    • Resize the browser window to be taller;
    • Resize the browser window to be narrower which makes the video image shorter; or
    • A combination of these steps.
  2. The video doesn't load or at least the first frame doesn't appear in the viewer.
    • It can take several seconds and sometimes longer for a video to appear in the viewer, so try waiting a little longer;
    • If there is a Play arrow in the center of the viewer over a blank image, try clicking on the arrow;
    • Sometimes a second Play arrow will appear before the video starts, try clicking on the second arrow;
    • If after waiting at least 20 seconds for the video to load, try clicking in the center of the video image even if there is no Play arrow visible.
    • If after waiting for at least 20 seconds for the video to load, try clicking your browser's Reload button or selecting the browser's Reload menu item.
  3. The video plays, but without audio.
    • Using the controls that appear when the mouse is moved over the video image while the video is playing, check to make sure that the volume in the viewer is turned up and is not muted.
    • Check to make sure that the volume for your computer is turned up and is not muted.
    • If you are using external speakers with your computer, make sure that the speakers are turned on, the volume is turned up, and the speakers are plugged in to a USB or addio jack and power.
    • If you are using Bluetooth wireless speakers or a headset, make sure that any batteries are charged, the speakers or headset are turned on, are paired with your computer, and any volume control is turned up.
    • If your computer allows you to select different audio outputs, make sure that the correct audio output is selected.
  4. Still having problems?
    • Make sure you have an up-to-date web browser. The most recent versions of the Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera browsers should work.
    • Check to see that you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. Go to Adobe's Flash Player web page to get the most recent version.
    • You need a good Internet connection to watch videos. An Internet connection capable of operating at 500K bits/s or more is helpful, but see below for information about watching videos over slower connections, including dial-up.
  5. The problem I'm having isn't listed above or the steps outlined didn't fix the problem.
  6. Problem still not resolved?
    • Call the OLLI Office for assistance, 734-998-9351.
    • Send e-mail to OLLI.Video.Help. Please include a description of the problem and tell us what type of device and what web browser you are using (IE on a PC running Windows 8, Chrome on a Mac, Safari on an iPhone, Safari on an iPad, ....).