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Steve Katnik
Randall Lab
Randall Lab
Mission and Objectives
2005-2006 Executive Committee
Current Members
Laser Support
Member Publications
Optics Stockroom
Roberto Merlin
, Director
Paul Berman, Professor of Physics
Philip H. Bucksbaum, Professor of Physics
Zhan Chen, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Timothy Chupp, Professor of Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Roy Clarke, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics
Luming Duan, Assistant Professor of Physics
Eitan Geva, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Theodore Goodson, Professor of Chemistry
Raoul Kopelman, Professor of Physics
Kevin Kubarych, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Jens Christian Meiners, Assistant Professor of Physics
Roberto Merlin, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering
Christopher Monroe, Professor of Physics
Theodore Norris, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Jennifer Ogilvie, Assistant Professor of Physics
Georg Raithel, Professor of Physics
David Reis, Assistant Professor of Physics and Applied Physics
Roseanne Sension, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Duncan Steel, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics
Nils Walter, Associate Professor of Chemistry
The Optical Physics Interdisciplinary Laboratory (OPIL) is an organization within the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, at the University of Michigan. The primary aim of OPIL is to enhance the intellectual environment in LS&A and throughout the University of Michigan, and to promote cross-disciplinary work in fields related by optical physics. OPIL will consolidate efforts across departments and programs and overcome impediments to research caused by the physical separation of laboratories and the isolation of individual research groups. To this end, OPIL will encourage collaborative research projects, support short-term visits by external scientists, provide for a vigorous program of interdisciplinary student and faculty seminars, and encourage collaborative proposals for equipment and for scientific projects. It also aims to educate graduate and undergraduate students in optical physics and to communicate its activities to the general public through public lectures and other outreach activities.
A key objective of the laboratory is to provide an environment for faculty to work together. The OPIL Executive Committee and Director determine membership based on relevance to the OPIL mission. Benefits of membership are the increased opportunities to engage in collaborative research in optical physics. Members have a concomitant responsibiltity to help foster collaborative research. Faculty Members or Research Scientists at Michigan
interested in membership should contact the Director for more information.
Christopher Monroe
Nils Walter
Georg Raithel
Optical Physics Interdisciplinary 
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