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First, you need to have an email account that supports SMTP. If you have a uniqname (you may think of it as a username or id), password, and email account through the University of Michigan or Ed Central, your account will work. If you have a username or id, password, and email account through another source (an online service such as AOL, another educational institution, a commercialor non-profit internet provider, etc.), then you may want to crosscheck the advice on this page with their assistance desk.

Second, you need to use a web browser that supports mailing. Netscape is one browser that does. The pictures and instructions that follow are based upon Netscape v1.12. If you have a different browser, the interface may look different but the idea is the same.

Start by choosing "Preferences" from the "Options" menu.

Next, select "Mail and News" and configure the window as shown below.

The only tricky part here is the "Mail (SMTP) Server" line. If you are at the University of Michigan, the name of your SMTP server is, where x is the first letter of your uniqname. In this example here, the uniqname (serp) begins with an 's', so the SMPT server would be

Now you are set up to send email through Netscape. If you were to go back to the previous web page ("Uploading PIViT Documents") and click on 'Email', your browser would probably open up a window that will allow you to a) write a message, and b) attach a document. If your browser is not capable of doing (b) , then you will have to upload your document by using ftp.

In Netscape, this window looks like this:

If you were to select the "Attach" button above, you would get to the window shown here:

If you choose "File" and then choose the "browse" button, then Netscape will allow you to select any file on your hard drive to attach. Select one, attach it, and send the message.

That's all, folks!

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