Cyclotella commensis Grunow in VanHeurck 1882

Diameter: 8


Collection 3799

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Authority information

Van Heurck (1882) Synopsis des Diatomees de Belgique. Atlas, pl. 78-103

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  • Ecology
    Wunsam et al. (1995) found Cyclotella commensis indicative of low total phosphorus and conductivity levels using canonical correspondence analysis and weighted averaging proceedures. In the Great Lakes, it is a major component of deep chlorophyll phytoplankton assemblages (Stoermer et al. 1996).

    Size ranges and morphology

    (Hakansson in Krammer and Lange-Bertalot 1991)
  • Diameter range for this species is 4 to 12 micrometers.
  • Costae range is 16-20 per 10 micrometers.