Cyclotella planktonica Brunnthaler 1901

Diameter: 35

Costae: 17

Collection 1269

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Authority information

Brunnthaler, J., Prowazek, S., und Wettstein, R. von (1901) Vorlaufige Mittheilungen uber das Plankton des Attersees in Ober-Osterreich. Osterreichische botanische Zeitschrift, Bd. 51.

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  • Ecology

    This taxa is morphologically similar to species in the Cyclotella radiosa/bodanica complex. We suggest ecological prferences similar to this group, preferring relatively cold, oligotrophic conditions (Willen et al. 1990).

    Size ranges and morphology

    (Krammer and Lange-Bertalot 1991)
  • Diameter range for this species is 12 to 35 micrometers.
  • Costae range is 14-17 per 10 micrometers.
  • Other morphological features
    This species can be distinguished from Cyclotella bodanica through identification of a hyaline area between the margin of the central area and the costae.