Epithemia sorex Kutz

Length: 35

Width: 10

Striae: 12

Costae: 4

Collection 1157a

More information

This is a scanned in image from a previous
picture of the specimen. The slide was missing
so no new pictures could be taken.

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Authority information

Epithemia sorex Kutz., Bacill., p. 33, pl. 5, fig. 12, 5 (a, b, c). 1844. (Patrick and Reimer 1975).

More information

Girdle view of frustule is eliptical-lanceolate. The valve has a slightly concave ventral margin and a very conves dorsal margin, narrowing toward the apices. Apices rostrate-capitate. The canal raphe is curved toward the dorsal margin of the valve and the central nodule is near the dorsal margin. Raphe visible through most of the length of the valve. Distinct costae in girdle view, without capitate ends. (Patrick and Reimer 1975).

Type Locality

USA, New England states, Mid Atlantic states, Texas, East Central states, Lake states, Plains states, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Utah, California, Oregon and Washington (Patrick and Reimer 1975).


    Cystoplrura sorex (Kutzing 1844) Kuntze 1891, p. 891
    Eunotia sorex (Kutzing 1844)Rabenhorst 1853, (p. 18), 1/7 (epithemia)
    Epithemia sorex f. sporangiale Van Heurck 1881, 32/9-10
    Epithemia sorex var. crassa Swirenko 1926, p. 35, fig 18
    Epithemia sorex var. genuina Cleve-Euler 1952, p. 41, fig. 1412 a, b
    (VanLandingham 1969).

Ecological distribution

Found in a wide range of habitats including lakes, ponds, rivers, springs or streams, pools, thermal springs, swamps and terrestrial. pH ranges from Acidobiontic to Alkalibiontic. It's Halobion spectrum includes mesohalobous, oligohalobous, halophilous, indifferent and euryhalobous. It prefers limnophilous and renophilous currents. It tends to be periphytic (Beaver 1981).

Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 20 to 65 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1975).
  • Width is 6 to 15 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1975).
  • Costae are about 5 to 7 in 10 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1975).
  • Alveoli rows are 12 to 15 in 10 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1975).